We'll Coach You to Become a

We'll Coach You to Become a

Certified Ergonomics Process Leader (CEPL)

Are You Ready to Begin? 


Save Time, Save Money, and Reduce Your Organizational Risk!

Our exclusive Leadership Masterclass will give you the tools and strategies to launch your ergonomics process in 12 weeks using the Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP®) system. Earn your certificate as a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader (CEPL) upon course completion. 

Are you ready to take your ergonomics program from transactional to systematic? From average to awesome? From helping just a privileged few to impacting many?

Having helped corporations for decades, I know a few things about your situation right now.

Are you asking yourself…?

  • How can we maximize employee well-being when working onsite, remote or hybrid?

  • How can we drive down claim frequency and cost when we don’t interact with our employees the same way we did before the pandemic?

  • Is it possible to impact employee performance in today’s disruptive work environment?

  • Our ergonomics program is not being utilized by employees effectively. How can we get better participation?

  • How can we get other leaders in our organization to buy into the importance of ergonomics as an important strategy to organizational well-being?

  • How can we use the science of ergonomics for effective risk management, productivity and process improvement, wellness, injury prevention, workers’ compensation management and more?

There is a better way to achieve organizational success!

You can have all this and more when you build, implement, and manage an ergonomics process designed to support your organization.


Achieve Organizational Well-Being

Create a healthier, safer, and more engaged workforce with ergonomics.


Create a More Efficient Workplace

Help employees work smarter with less waste of time and effort.


Focus on Claim Avoidance

A proactive ergonomics process aggressively reduces employee risk of injury.


Demonstrate Significant Value and ROI

Reduce insurance costs through workers' comp claim avoidance and prevention.

You don’t have to do it alone! Get powerful training and personalized coaching to become a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader for your organization.

Imagine Yourself as a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader

Together, we will dive deeper into your interest to determine your organizational readiness for ergonomics process leadership success.

How can Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE help you?

How can Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE help you?

Alison Heller-Ono specializes in macroergonomics, an organizational approach to ergonomics process design and management. Alison has helped dozens of corporations over three decades successfully implement a powerful approach to maximize employee well-being and health using the science of ergonomics.

Through decades of research and practice, Alison has perfected a turnkey process just right for today’s small to midsize businesses who want to achieve valuable benefits using the science of ergonomics and the Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP®).

Alison is the author of Your Guide to Developing an Ergonomics Process, which includes the WIEP® system. Worksite International’s process earned the Oxford Research Institute’s Five Star Seal of Excellence, along with accolades from academia and her peers. Alison’s work has been presented worldwide and cited in dozens of research articles on ergonomics. The WIEP® is a valid, macroergonomics process perfect for today’s businesses.

The WIEP® system is designed for leaders in HR, Safety, Risk Management, and others responsible for employee well-being, health, and safety, at companies with 300-5000+ employees working for local, regional, national, and global organizations.

No Ergonomics Experience Necessary

Just BRAVE Leadership!

Whether you are certified in ergonomics or not, our program is designed for leaders in HR, Risk, Safety or others who want to change and improve their organization and their people to support a well workplace.  

There is a better way to work in your organization!

One that includes the science of ergonomics.


Reduce WC claims and costs through avoidance.


Demonstrate significant
value and cost-benefit.


Create a more
efficient workplace.


Smarter and healthier employees.

Don’t start from scratch! Our powerful training, WIEP® system of forms, tools, and methods, along with personalized coaching and mentoring will quickly get you started and certified as an Ergonomics Process Leader in 90 days!

As an Ergonomics Process Leader, You Will :

Stop Doing This

  • Impacting only a few who are lucky to experience ergonomics
  • No clear message from leadership
  • Focusing on one at a time services
  • Managing in a silo where one department doesn’t know what the other is doing
  • Reacting to claims you should have seen coming
  • Have only one person controlling the outcome
  • Limited access, no transparency
  • No goals or expectations impacting the organization
  • Transactional services that are disconnected
  • No ergonomics budget or fiscal management

Start Doing This!

  • Impacting all levels through a participatory, lean approach
  • Deliver a clear message from leadership
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Taking a systematic approach that is interconnected
  • Prevent injuries from happening.
  • Engage multiple players with clear roles for a consistent response
  • Transparency with an equitable approach
  • Set clear goals with ROI metrics
  • Create a sustainable, process workflow
  • Budget based on metrics and desired outcomes

Generate Significant Savings in Your First Year


The average direct cost of one workers' compensation claim in the U.S. is $42,000. Employers spend an average of $1,100 per worker to cover these costs.

For less than the cost of one workers' compensation claim, you can create a sustainable ergonomics process for your organization!

For every dollar invested in workplace ergonomics and safety, you will generate an ROI of $4.41-$10.00 in safety and productivity improvement. 

According to the National Safety Council and the National Council on Compensation Insurance for 2019. ROI study from Liberty Mutual Research Institute of Safety and Worksite International, Inc.

Build Your Ergonomics Process with Coach Alison and You Will Walk Away With...

The Foundations

The building blocks to start your Ergonomics Process, including the most important concepts and theories behind our macro-ergonomics approach.

Organizational Gap Analysis

You'll perform a comprehensive gap analysis identifying your organizational strengths and weaknesses. Then, develop a dashboard and scorecard to set your ergonomics process goals objectively and realistically.

Ergonomics Process Policy

Create your ergonomics process policy from lessons learned in your gap analysis. Work with leadership to approve your ergonomics process policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Set the stage for success by establishing roles and responsibilities. Review your leading and lagging indicators to determine your ergonomics process budget.

Communication Plan

Set your priorities to announce, then roll-out your process without being overwhelmed immediately with requests and questions. 

Build and Implement

Learn the six phases critical to build and implement your organization’s ergonomics process using the WIEP® system of forms, tools, and methods.

Measure Results

Using the WIEP® Tracker, record each employee's journey through your ergonomics process from beginning to end. Develop ROI and cost-benefit data for monthly, quarterly, and annual tracking.

Manage for Success

Strategies to manage your ergonomics process following your launch. What to do when scenarios and what a mature process might look like for your organization.

Sounds too good to be true?

I know what you are up against!

I’ve been there… As an Ergonomics Manager for a large government agency, I was spinning my wheels to get through to old-style management, traditional organizational hierarchy, poor communication, lack of transparency, silo-style, close to the chest, no information sharing work environment.

It took me several years of trial and error, and lots of stumbling to figure out the RIGHT combination of mindset, participation, tools, and skillset, to develop a consistent and valid approach to implementing a successful organizational approach to ergonomics.

Then, I operationalized it to prove its value!

You don't have to struggle through the same growing pains that many of my clients and I did!

Absolutely not!

There has never been a program like this offered in the ergonomics marketplace.

I've taken my 30 years of ergonomics process consulting experience to build this program so you can do it yourself.

The good news is I’m ready to share the WIEP® system with you through our exclusive leadership masterclass, coaching and mentorship process.

In just 12 weeks, you will be well on your way to setting up a sustainable, lean, participatory ergonomics process for your organization.

You will love the ease and convenience of the WIEP® way!

WIEP® Customer Success Stories

Amazing Positive Impact

Amazing Positive Impact

Elaine "Lainey" Hunt, Senior Human Resources Consultant

"Worksite International's ergonomics process impact on the prevention of workers’ compensation cases, and the resolution of ongoing cases for our organization was tremendous. Our claims and costs dropped significantly along with our insurance premium! "

Drove Down our Claims

Drove Down our Claims

Lew Bauman, County Administrative Officer, County of Monterey

"You’ve done remarkable things for us using the Worksite International Ergonomics Process to drive down our claims, boost engagement, and improve employee well-being. "

One of Our Most Trusted Advisors

One of Our Most Trusted Advisors

James May, Director of Human Resources, County of Monterey (retired)

"Ms. Heller-Ono successfully developed and managed our ergonomics process affecting thousands of employees in a positive way to promote improved health and well-being. Under her management, the County achieved a significant reduction in workers’ compensation claims for repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. The sustainable process she put in place has garnered national and international attention because of her efforts to engage employees and management in embracing ergonomics as part of their day-to day work routine."

Expect Significant ROI

Expect Significant ROI

Zora Ljoljic, Vice President of Instrument Manufacturing, BD (retired)

"Alison expertly incorporated the Worksite International Ergonomics Process into our lean manufacturing protocol to show profound benefits we can achieve in our assembly process. In doing so, we expect to achieve a significant return on our investment along with enhanced productivity following implementation of the many sound strategies recommended by Worksite International, Inc."  

What Does becoming a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader mean to you and your organization?

Faster Results, Better Outcomes, Less Money

Proven training with a proven process, including exclusive coaching and mentorship.



Experience positive change in leadership’s approach to employee health and well-being to meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world and workforce.



Knowing what to DO, and how to do it is vital to your organization’s success and employee benefit. Use the WIEP® System of forms, tools and methods to operationalize your process.



Gain skills to harvest the power of organizational ergonomics as human-centered work design, and how it drives change. Recognize when ergonomics is needed.

Do it All to Earn Your CEPL

Or Unbundle and Complete Just the Modules You Need!

Organizational Gap Analysis

Organizational Gap Analysis

Deep dive diagnostic sessions with your coach to identify your organizational weaknesses, gaps, and power points to drive organizational success. 

Ergonomics Process Policy

Ergonomics Process Policy

Set up your ergonomics process policy, various guidelines, and procedures you need to get your organization started in building a sustainable ergonomics process.

WIEP® System License

WIEP® System License

Your WIEP® system license of forms, tools, and templates accelerates your launch. These templates are done for you. You get communications, evaluation process, self-assessments, the WIEP® Tracking System to track all ergo process-related activities and metrics (Excel for PC only), and more.

 Personal Ergo Process Leadership Coaching and Mentoring with Alison

Personal Ergo Process Leadership Coaching and Mentoring with Alison

Depending on the modules selected, we meet to build your knowledge, skills, and ergonomics process framework. Work one to one with Alison to achieve your goals. 

Expand Your Knowledge

Expand Your Knowledge

win-network-2022-05One-year Membership in the WINetwork where you will experience continuing education monthly through our Office Hours with Global Experts, more value, and benefits.


Want to Add More?

Ask about our pre-set bundles for small to midsize enterprises.

Add on even more value by purchasing:

  • More guidance, support, and mentorship with Alison after the 12-weeks.
  • More seats in our corporate office and remote ergonomics training courses. 
  • More seats in ROSA, an online self-assessment program. 
  • A bundle of professional Remote and/or Onsite Office Ergo Evaluations (based on location).
  • More seats in our Professional Ergonomics Training Academy (COESp, CASp or CRESp) to develop internal expertise in office, chair, and remote assessment skills.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our training and products 100%. If you are unsatisfied in any way or have a strong reason for not being able to complete this program, please let us know within 14 days of your enrollment so we can assist you. 


The WIEP® system license is sold to the organization as a corporate license. It is not an individual license. Annual renewal is required to maintain and use the WIEP® license, benefits, and any add-ons purchased. ROSA is offered as a trial only and must be used in the period specified.

Get started now in this exclusive leadership journey to advance your career and build a sustainable ergonomics process for years to come.