Transform Your Organization for Ergonomics Success!

With our proven prevention and workers' compensation management tools to effectively minimizes your musculoskeletal claims simply by early identification and avoidance over time.

WORKSITE INTERNATIONAL offers a comprehensive Ergonomics Process Performance Audit to include a review of seven essential elements required to have a successful Ergonomics Process that impacts your organization at multiple levels from wellness to OSHA compliance, to workers’ compensation, FMLA and ADA/FEHA claims. Companies benefit in many ways when utilizing our ergonomics process audit as it provides them with a benchmark and gap analysis of what is missing and what they are doing well.

Ergonomic Process Audit Features

  • Review Of 2-3 Years Loss Control Reports
  • Injury Trend Analysis
  • Ergonomics Policy Review
  • Written Program Review
  • Facility Walk-through
  • Medical Management Review
  • Training Program Assessment
  • Purchase Program Review
  • Presentation to Administration

Ergonomics Process Audit Benefits

  • Determine the fiscal and organizational Impact Injuries have on your facility
  • Obtain performance score for continuous improvement and quality outcomes
  • Identify a specific action plan to target health and safety issues including RMIs
  • Assist with budget and fiscal planning for critical ergonomics process development
  • Close gaps in your program commonly resulting in increased injury reporting, poor medical management of claims, and increased litigation

How We've Helped Our Clients

How We've Helped Our Clients

Our unique and comprehensive audit process has given our clients the information they need to develop a comprehensive and successful ergonomics process resulting in:

  • Increased employee participation
  • Increased awareness of safe work practices
  • Reduced filing of WC claims through claim avoidance
  • Reduced WC and long term disability costs
  • Reduced litigation (WC and ADA)
  • Reduced lost time days and cases
  • Minimized non-occupational medical absence and FMLA time

Our ergonomics process audit of a major health care provider’s ergonomics process helped them identify missing links in their program, solidify their ergonomics purchase process and develop a preventive approach to injury management rather than waiting and reacting to employee claim filing. Over a 5 year period, WI designed and managed the County of Monterey’s ergonomics process reducing 95% of symptomatic employee reports from becoming workers’ compensation claims. This resulted in an estimated savings of over $15 million in claim avoidance.

Stephen Hemperly

Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics Advisor, Western Digital

Stephen Hemperly

Using her outstanding expertise, Alison Heller-Ono completed a detailed and extremely useful audit of our office ergonomics process. The audit results and scorecard were based on a thorough examination of all elements of our ergonomics process and program. Alison interviewed managers from various business units receiving office ergonomics-related services, performed an office ergonomics employee engagement survey, and conducted walkthroughs of various office areas.

I cannot say enough about the significant value that Alison’s assessment of our ergonomics process has provided not only to EHS but also to those served by our office ergonomics process. Alison’s audit report has provided a roadmap that our organization is using to improve the quality of ergonomics-related services that we provide.

As an occupational health and safety professional (certified industrial hygienist and certified safety professional) with over 40 years of experience, I would say that the ergonomics process audit and report that we received from Alison is the best of any similar audit with which I am familiar in terms of its quality, thoroughness, and applicability.

WIEP Design & Management

WIEP Design &  Management

The Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP) is a proven prevention and workers’ compensation management strategy effectively minimizing your musculoskeletal claims over time.The WIEP has consistently yielded an excellent return on investment for our clients across many industries since its inception in 1993.

Worksite International has been helping business and industry of all sizes to realize the value of ergonomics in promoting employee health and wellness. We have garnered national and international recognition over the years based on the structure and outcomes we’ve helped our clients achieve with the WIEP. We even wrote the book on it!

Our outcome studies consistently show a 95% reduction in claim filing resulting in a return on investment of $10.00 for every dollar invested in an ergonomics process through claim avoidance, productivity improvement, employee satisfaction and engagement.

Backed by Research

Backed by Research

Based on the theory of macro ergonomics to address the sociotechnical aspects of work, our WIEP is backed by research emphasizing continuous improvement, quality process design, lean and participatory ergonomics, along with a focus on self-care and self-responsibility.

By encouraging employee participation and engagement from the beginning, employers can respond in a timely manner before claims develop. Requests are triaged to determine the best ergonomic analysis needed to address employee concerns. The evaluation engages the employee in the process giving them strategies and tactics to manage their concerns proactively. The evaluation provides the objective data necessary for the employer to determine appropriate engineering changes, administrative actions and products necessary for resolution.

Whether the employee simply wants to be sure they are set up correctly, are experiencing mild discomfort or the employee has a non-occupational medical condition, workers’ comp claim or even a physical impairment, the WIEP helps you to address employee concerns proactively and effectively saving you millions of dollars over time.

Start Up Consultation & Resource Library

When you invest in the WIEP, we provide you with our startup consultation and access to our resource library which includes a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the WIEP ergonomics process system. All tools and forms are downloaded from our website to yours for immediate access. Our consultants will provide onsite consultation to guide and direct you and your team on how to best get started and be available monthly for additional mentoring and support when needed.

The Startup Consultation Features

  1. Initial consultation to set up your ergonomics process license including policy, procedures and reporting forms for a streamline internal process.
  2. Set up of your evaluation and purchase tracking database
  3. Review of all essential forms
  4. Add-On  online Office Ergonomics: Working in Comfort employee office ergonomics training
  5. Add-On: 1- day “Train the Evaluator” training to get your evaluators up to speed on how to conduct a basic office ergonomic analysis for healthy employees
  6. Add-On: online participatory self-assessment software
  7.  Access to our ergonomics preferred product standards program
  8. Optional: Train your employees in office ergonomics using the inclusive PPT presentation

Our Resource Library Includes

  1. Customized ergonomics policy and procedure to reflect your organization’s culture, goals, program design and ensure compliance with Cal-OSHA 5110, workers’ comp and ADA
  2. Ergonomic evaluation request form
  3. Customized templated email responses for process use from request to evaluation to report completion and distribution
  4. Employee office self-assessment form (in addition to or in lieu of online self-assessment tools)
  5. Ergonomic evaluation templates for office workstation set up
  6. Ergonomics evaluation status tracking report
  7. ErgoSysPro database framework (Excel) to track all activities
  8. Add-On office ergo web-based training
  9. Employee educational material for training and evaluation (safe work practices and workstation set up)
And much more...