Disability Management

Our programs are designed to assure you compliance with the ADA-AA, EEOC, DOJ and FEHA.

Our Services

We help you and your employees through the Interactive Process in a fair and just way by identifying work methods, tools and other strategies to achieve essential functions whenever possible. Through our exclusive ADA-AA Reasonable Accommodation assessment, we have helped our clients achieve Title I compliance since 1993 by identifying appropriate solutions to keep employees with physical impairments at work performing their essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations. Our medical-legal reports are defensible in court, if needed. In addition, we offer assistance with Title III Accessibility audits and studies to assure equal access for all.

ADA-AA Reasonable Accommodation (RA) Assessment (Interactive Process)

Our Reasonable Accommodation Assessment is fully compliant with FEHA/ADA-AA and the EEOC’s criteria in performing the interactive process with your employee when a reasonable accommodation is needed. Whether it is for a permanent workers’ compensation injury or other medical condition or disability, this service is the best option to identify the most appropriate reasonable accommodations for a successful return to work (RTW). We work with all parties involved in the case to identify the solutions that support accommodation. We utilize our functional limitations report, ergonomic analysis, job analysis and functional job matching assessment tools to create the Reasonable Accommodation Assessment report. Our legally defensible process minimizes litigation and costs for the employer while assuring a successful outcome. On-site time: 2‐3 hours.