Workplace Injury Prevention

Worksite analysis services gives you the edge you need in preventing workplace injuries, repetitive motion or material handling type claims while achieving compliance with appropriate state and federal laws.

Our Services

Onsite Evaluations for Injury Prevention

It is said that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. In today’s technology, you need more than an “apple” to keep employees healthy and free from injury at work. Our full line of ergonomic Worksite analysis services gives you the edge you need in preventing workplace injuries, repetitive motion or material handling type while achieving compliance with appropriate state and federal laws. Worksite International has pioneered ergonomic Worksite analysis (EWA) services in the bay area since our inception in 1993.

  • Individual or Groups: Whether one employee, ten or 250+ employees need evaluations, we have the services and tools to support your evaluation needs. Using online evaluation tools, self-assessment strategies and live evaluation methods, we can address your individual, department or organizational evaluation needs.
  • Preventive Ergonomic Worksite Analysis (EWA) (Ergo Coaching, Initial Ergonomics Screens (IES) or Level 1): Our Preventive ergonomic evaluations are designed for employees with no symptoms, low or moderate discomfort but have no diagnosed medical condition or workers’ compensation claim. Our preventive evaluation service offers you the basics of an ergonomic eval in the office, lab or material handling environment. Ergo-Coaching is a quick fix approach to assisting employees with targeted needs. Our IES and Level I evaluations include a brief interview with the employee to identify primary work tasks performed routinely; critical anthropometric measures relative to the employee and their workstation; review of ergonomic risk factors; education, training and quick fixes to maximize equipment placement and use addressing any ergonomic risk factors.  All services include varying degrees of reporting to give you specific actionable findings and  recommendations. On-site time: 15-30-60 minutes per area evaluated depending on service selected.
  • Non-Occupational (Medical): WI’s Non‐Occupational Medical EWA service can be prescribed by an employee’s physician or requested directly by the employer to assist with accommodating an individual with a diagnosed medical condition (no workers’ compensation claim). We utilize the same features found in the Preventive EWA but offer more detail specific to minimizing aggravation of the medical condition while supporting the employee in achieving the essential functions with reasonable accommodations. This evaluation is a preventive approach to FEHA/ADA and FMLA needs where there are no legal or performance factors involved. On-site time: Approximately 2 hours.

Industrial Ergonomic Worksite Analysis and Consultation

Our industrial ergonomics consultation and evaluation services are available for non-office or non-traditional jobs, processes or tasks. Our expertise lies in evaluating how people work; from single tasking to complex multi-tasking environments. We focus on the tools and materials handled, the physical demands of work, the ergonomic risk factors of force, repetition and posture, the environment and other critical factors. We identify all feasible solutions using valid methods of measurement to reduce the likelihood of injury or illness as well as improve productivity and efficiency while reducing waste. We are experienced in light and heavy manufacturing industries, technology, Biopharma, Biotech and light assembly as well as complex healthcare environments and many other industries.

  • Manufacturing, Technology, Biopharma, BioTech, Light Assembly
  • Non-office environments (Police, Fire, Maintenance)
  • Healthcare environments

Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP)

We built our reputation on the WIEP and offer clients a customized approach to developing and managing an ergonomics process. With over 20 years’ experience in macro-ergonomics, we see the best results when ergonomics is applied at an organizational level, operationalized on a day to day basis. Whether you take a team approach or have a single source directing the process, our system offers proven tools and techniques to reduce the onset of injury and illness and minimize the impact of existing workers’ compensation claims or non-occupational disorders using ergonomics to drive change in your organization. The WIEP Start-up Tool Kit is a licensed program that includes consultation, tools and forms needed to get your organization started with a nationally and internationally recognized system. Click here to visit our scientific white papers in “Our Results” section to see how our clients have performed over the years using the WIEP.

Facility Design Planning with Ergonomics

Our facility planning process is a systematic approach for developing the physical setting of an organization or institution while keeping ergonomics in the forefront. It helps an organization manage one of its most important assets, the space that it occupies. When renovating or relocating, don’t bring the same design flaws with you to the next location; plan your design with ergonomics in mind. Recent developments in the Green Design Movement has integrated the need for ergonomics in design. The US Green Building Council launched the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System to promote integrated, sustainable, whole-building design and operation. Within the 6 categories to achieve LEED certification is the Innovation and Design process which requires the integration of ergonomics into the plan. Worksite International, Inc. helps clients achieve the ergonomics requirements of LEED.

Work from Home Strategies

Whether you are a business or a solopreneur and you need to work from home, your exposure to discomfort is still very real. For employers, our comprehensive home office ergonomics program consists of a work from home policy; a self-assessment audit; office ergonomics training, employee job aides and an opportunity to request a remote video coaching session to assure proper setup. For solopreneurs, this training helps you set up quickly using our easy five steps to workstation set up and other helpful tips. 

Preferred Ergonomics Purchasing Program

Just because a product says it’s ergonomic doesn’t mean that it is ergonomic. Selecting, purchasing and installing ergonomic products suitable for the office or other environments requires a knowledgeable and understanding selection process. Our Preferred Ergonomics Purchasing Program takes the guess work out of what to purchase and why. We will identify the best products within your budget and the vendors who provide them to make it easy for your purchasing, facilities, IT, supervisors and managers to buy with confidence. We’ll help you specify chairs, adjustable height work surfaces, keyboard trays, monitor arms, alternative keyboards, mice and other products to meet your budget, your employee and your work process needs so that it fits with your ergonomics program.

Free Ergonomics Resources

Worksite International offers a robust resource library of e-books, webinars, guides and self-care job aids for your organization. Download these for free and share them with your workforce.