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Mission Critical: Performance and Well-Being

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Efficient Work Design+ Well-Being Strategies = Awesome Organizational Performance

Are you a small to mid-size organization, concerned about employee performance and well-being? If so, consider how you can use ergonomics as a leading force that drives change in your organization. You will positively impacting employee health, productivity, and efficiency for years to come when you apply Worksite International's proven strategies and tactics, to guide your organization to go beyond the normal to awesome!

Are you constantly trying to elevate and improve on:

  • employee engagement
  • ergonomics and safe work practices
  • employee health and well-being
  • process efficiency, productivity, and performance

We know what you are going through! As experts in studying how people work, Worksite International is continually innovating to meet the demands of new ways of working helping our clients achieve their performance goals.

Our services are targeted to small to mid-size regional, national or global companies.  We offer the best guidance and support in ergonomics process design, implementation and management through our expert corporate services and digital e-learning courses. We will help you to achieve your organizational goals or teach you to do it yourself. 

Digital e-Learning Courses

Corporate and Industrial Ergonomics

Virtual Seminars and Self-Paced, On-Demand Ergonomics Courses

Corporate and Industrial  Ergonomics

Professional Certificate Courses

Self-Paced, On-Demand + Live Coaching and Mentorship.

Professional Certificate Courses

Corporate Services

for On-site and Remote Ergonomics

Ergonomics Process Leadership Programs

Ergonomics Process Leadership Programs

An Organizational Approach to Prevention and Compliance

Professional Ergonomic Evaluations

Professional Ergonomic Evaluations

Performed by Qualified Ergonomics Experts (CPE)

Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA)

Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA)

Office and Home Online Self-Assessment Risk Analysis 

Featured Resources and Events

Two Minute Gap Analysis

Find the Gaps in Your Ergonomics Process With Our Ergonomics Process Two-Minute Gap Analysis



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On-Demand Webinar

Lab Ergonomics Essentials for Risk Reduction and Employee Well-Being

Presented by Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE

On-Demand Webinar