Online Ergonomics Certificate Course

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Masterclass

Become a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp).

Learn to perform ergonomic evaluations through our self-paced, home-study course. Includes how to perform remote evaluations when you sign up at the Advanced or Elite level. Enrollment open now. 

The Course Objective

Become a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp)

Work at your own pace while learning to perform objective, office ergonomic evaluations. Complete a professional report using the Worksite International System of Ergonomic Evaluation. Be coached and mentored through the process with Alison Heller-Ono, nationally-recognized expert in ergonomics. Course has been updated to complete as a "home-study" course. 

Here's what you'll learn to do:

Perform Office Evaluations

Perform Office Evaluations

Perform preventive office ergonomic evaluations for healthy employees (with no or low symptoms). Includes how to perform a remote home or office assessment. 

Analyze Ergonomic Risk Factors

Analyze Ergonomic Risk Factors

Use objective and measurable techniques to analyze and identify the root cause of employee health and safety concerns.

Prescribe Ergonomic Solutions

Prescribe Ergonomic Solutions

Identify, select and “prescribe” the right ergonomic products and solutions based on need and budget.

Educate Employees

Educate Employees

Provide essential education and training to employees for best practices in work station setup and safe work practices.

Whether you want to become an in-house office ergonomics evaluator, you are a burgeoning ergonomics consultant, or you want to improve on your existing evaluation skills, this online ergonomic certification course will give you the knowledge, skills, and ability to deliver quality office ergonomic evaluations.

Our Course Will Transform You!

Become a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist

This course is designed for corporate Safety and Ergo Teams, Certified Ergonomic Evaluators (CEAS I, CEES, COEE), rehab professionals (PTs, OTs, DC, RN, Athletic Trainers), Certified Safety Professionals, Industrial Hygienists, Risk Managers, Human Resources or others responsible for employee health and safety; facility planners; risk and workers’ compensation claims management, loss control consultants and ergonomic product vendors.

Attend this course, if you want to:

  • Be competent in office ergonomics so you can enhance your career.
  • Contribute to a larger purpose in your organization by assisting employees to work in comfort and without injury along while improving organizational health and safety.
  • Identify the root cause of injury and lost productivity by recognizing ergonomic risk factors and remedy them proactively in objective and meaningful ways.
  •  Develop excellent foundational skills to launch your own office ergonomics consulting business.
  • Use the Worksite International System of Ergonomic Evaluation as a valid and consistent approach to your ergonomic evaluations.

**Need to speak with your supervisor about enrolling in our course? Download our "Dear Supervisor" template letter to help get the funds you need. Modify for your needs as an in-house evaluator or healthcare professional.

For Physical Therapists and PTAs, this course is approved for 1.6 CEUs; CPTA #19-298.

Ergonomics Certificate Requirements

Ergonomics Certificate Requirements

Become a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp) using the Worksite International System of Ergonomics Evaluation!

Requirements for Certificate of Completion:

  • Complete the entire online workshop in the recommended time period (8-12 weeks) including strategic and tactical exercises to help build your knowledge, observational and assessment skills.
  • Participate in small group coaching sessions.
  • Pass the final ergonomics review with a score of 80%.
  • Complete one evaluation using the WI Ergonomics Evaluation System

To earn your Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp), complete the above, plus:

*Advanced and Elite Level: Demonstrate your competency in performing an office ergonomic evaluation by submitting a minimum of 2 completed, typed reports or case studies using the Worksite International System of Ergonomics Evaluation. Each report is  reviewed and approved with you by your mentor, Alison Heller-Ono (in a timely manner).

*Just like all major software and accredited training programs today, we require an annual renewal of $197.00 for our COESp certification and software license maintenance and software use. See website for details.

Your Investment

Learn the basics for a Certificate of Completion in our Beginner course or advance your career and earn your Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp). Be personally coached and mentored through your journey by Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CPE. Our three levels include the Online Course and much more. 



  • The Worksite International Ergonomic Evaluation System 
  • Approximately 16-20 hours total (lessons and activities)
  • All (15)  assignments reviewed with feedback to you so you can monitor your performance.
  • One private 30-minute coaching session half-way through, and one at the end of the course.
  • Pass online exam with score of 80%
  • Complete one office ergonomic evaluation at the end of the course
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • One-year access to the course



Includes everything in Beginner, plus:

  • Add two one-to-one 60- minute private video-mentoring sessions to help you through two evaluations or case studies.
  • Earn your COESp within 90 days of course completion
  • Extend your COESp mentorship 6 months at no charge ($97.00/month after)
  • 60- days of unlimited email and phone support following completion of your COESp
  • Limited spots available



Includes everything in Advanced, plus:

  • Four additional one-to-one 60- minute private mentoring sessions to support you with additional skill building; ergo program design, marketing your program; support where and when you need it
  • Earn your COESp within 90 days of course completion or take up to a full year at no additional charge.
  • A year of unlimited email and phone support following completion of your COESp
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Enrollment is limited

Group discounts for 3 or more students. Quotes and payment plans available on request. Contact

Learn from the Best!

Ruth D., Project Associate, Manager, University of Virginia Library

Learn from the Best!

"I chose to learn from the best. When it comes to ergonomic evaluation methods, Worksite International is the way to go, and Alison Heller-Ono is the person to teach you. She is skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way.  What she teaches will help you achieve your goals and improve your knowledge in Ergonomic Evaluations, not just during the course, but beyond.

The course forced me to think and analyze every minor detail about how I was doing my evaluations. The way I used to perform my ergonomic evaluations was irregular and sloppy. Alison, helped me drop bad habits and start to cultivate good ones. I gained much more from the course than I ever anticipated."


Start your training now in our self-paced, evergreen, Train the Ergonomics Evaluator course, while being monitored, coached and mentored through your transformation.

Learn at your own pace with support from renowned ergonomist, Alison Heller-Ono.

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Instructor, Coach, Mentor

Alison Heller-Ono


Alison Heller-Ono

“I believe office ergonomics is a foundational skill before one can study higher level ergonomics. To add value to organizations, support regulatory compliance and enhance careers, I’ve been providing our Train the Ergonomics Evaluator workshop since 1994. I have trained hundreds of professionals to successfully perform quality, reliable office ergonomic evaluations achieving ongoing success within their companies or as a professional consulting career.”

Alison Heller-Ono is President/CEO of Worksite International, Inc., and has been teaching and mentoring professionals in the art and science of ergonomics for over 25 years. She is a “pioneer” in the Bay Area Ergonomics Community. Since starting Worksite International, Alison has helped employers save millions of dollars using the Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP) and injury prevention methods. Alison is a veteran physical therapist (MSPT), possesses 2 board certifications in Ergonomics (CPE and CIE) and is a Certified Disability Analyst (CDA).

Alison is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) through the Institute for Management Consultants (IMC) and a certified Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp) using the Worksite International Chair Assessment System (CAS) and a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp).

Alison’s body of work has been peer reviewed nationally and internationally to validate the Worksite International System of Evaluation and Training as a trusted and reliable approach to workplace ergonomics.


This private credential workshop is provided to assure competency in conducting ergonomic evaluations within your organization only. There is no state or national licensing criteria required to perform ergonomics analysis in the workplace. However, there is national board certification process to become a certified professional (CPE)or industrial ergonomist (CIE). Completion of this course does not mean the certificate holder is qualified to perform evaluations outside of the organization as a consultant nor can they call themselves a certified “ergonomist”. Our certificate program is designed to help you evaluate healthy employees and set up safe work areas in the office. Students awarded with a Certificate as an Office Ergonomics Specialist demonstrate the competency to use the Worksite International Ergonomics Evaluation System to perform office ergonomic evaluations. For more information on national certification, ask us or read our blogs on ergonomics certificates and certifications.