Ergonomic Software to Seamlessly Manage Your Process and Metrics

Helping Ergonomics Program Managers, Ergo-Specialists, and consultants track and measure ergonomics process leading indicators for claim avoidance and a healthy workplace.

End Spreadsheet Hell!

Easily capture your MSD leading indicators associated with a preventive ergonomics process.

Track early warnings, essential actions taken along the employee ergonomic evaluation journey, milestones, costs, ROI, and more.
End Spreadsheet Hell!

You can't change what you don't measure.

The Ergo-Case Tracker will help you capture MSD leading indicators and convert them to metrics with every evaluation you perform.

Who is the Ergo-Case Tracker for?

Designed and used by busy ergonomics managers, ergonomics consultants and others in small to midsize enterprises who manage an active ergonomics process and are seeking a better way to manage their data.  

The Ergo-Case Tracker is ideal for the following professionals:
  • Ergonomics Process Managers

  • Ergonomics Specialists

  • Ergonomics consultants with multiple clients

  • EHS Professionals

  • Risk Managers

  • And others responsible for ergonomics program management

Users can track individual ergonomic evaluation process flow, justify costs, measure ROI, and track KPIs over time. The Ergo-Case Tracker is a valid, objective, peer-approved, and ergonomist-tested cloud software!

Ergonomics Consultants Love the Ergo-Case Tracker

Listen to Posturestars Five Star Review!

"The Ergo-Case Tracker is a great way to track your ergonomics cases. It is really easy to use and will save you time and effort eliminating spreadsheets and more."

James Crow, CRESp, CASp, CEO of Posture Stars

Are you an ergonomics consultant? The Ergo-Case Tracker can help you track your client evals. Just ask us how and we will show you! 

Measure the Magic of Prevention

Stop managing your ergonomics process (EP) with clunky and cumbersome spreadsheets! Use the Ergo-Case Tracker to monitor, analyze, and measure the impact of your program.

Track New Ergonomic Cases

Track New Ergonomic Cases

Manage and track new evaluation requests from prevention to non-occupational to workers’ compensation claims, office, remote, and more.
View all Cases Performed

View all Cases Performed

Check your entire database of ergo evals; edit and monitor progress in real-time. Never lose track of an employee's ergonomics case status again.

Analyze Essential Metrics and Costs

Analyze Essential Metrics and Costs

Track evaluation, purchase, and training costs. Measure your ROI and cost-benefit of claim avoidance monthly, quarterly, annually, and beyond. Provide essential management reports.

Set Case Milestone Reminders

Set Case Milestone Reminders

Never forget a critical action. Flag essential milestone dates and time-sensitive events in your ergonomics process for quality management and effectiveness. 

Ensure Safety and Ergonomics Compliance

Ensure Safety and Ergonomics Compliance

Achieve ISO 45001, state and federal OSHA compliance. Ensure HIPAA privacy. Store essential case reports, memos, and communications. 

Better Ergonomics Process Management

Better Ergonomics Process Management

Showcase the critical value and influence your ergo process delivers by tracking each employees' ergonomics journey from start to finish and the cost-benefit of your actions.

See How it Works

See How it Works

Attend our live interactive webinar with Ergo-Process Expert Alison Heller-Ono, creator of the Ergo-Case Tracker.

In this short 20 minute on-demand software demo, you'll see how easy it is to track your ergonomic evaluation requests and relevant metrics.

See why its the software of choice for Ergonomics Managers and Consultants to track each ergonomic evaluation cases with the Ergo-Case Tracker.

Ergo-Case Tracker Packages

Select the package that best reflects the volume of evaluation cases you perform, and the service features you need.


Start Up

Small Biz 



Ergo case capacity/year Up to 50 cases Up to 150 cases Up to 300 cases Unlimited cases
HIPAA, OSHA, and ISO45001 compliant
Record employee risk pre and post-eval
Track all eval types
Analyze costs, metrics, and reports
Useful for annual budget and risk planning
Measure your ROI (claim avoidance)
Access and store employee evaluation reports, memos, notices
Add custom forms
Set milestone reminders
Export data to Excel
User Access One One Two Three
Storage capacity 300 MB 500 MB 1 TB 2 TB
Add On Options        
Add users
Add storage capacity
Add additional companies (consultants)
Includes Auto-upload new requests  
Includes custom database view    
Includes custom ergo product list     
Includes professional ergo process consultations for support     One Kick Off Two consults

* Need to train your corporate ergonomics specialist? Our Ergonomics Academy Bundle includes the Ergo-Case Tracker plus enrollment in one of our professional ergonomics certificate courses. Select from our COESp, CASp, and CRESp online self-paced, mentored courses. Extra fees apply to add users and more storage. Ask to modify your plan.

Start Your 14-Day Risk Free Trial

Monthly subscriptions available. Inquire about our annual plans and save.

Start Up Package

Limited Evaluation Capacity
Our smallest package available gives consultants and organizations an opportunity to manage up to 50 evals/year. 

First 14-days are risk-free. 


Inquire for add-ons and annual plans.

Got questions? Get started quickly with a complimentary start-up session.

Small Biz Package

For employers who are just getting started

Designed for small businesses with an internal corporate ergo specialist or use a consulting ergonomist to perform evals. 

First 14-days are risk-free.


Inquire for add-ons and annual plans.

Got questions? Get started quickly with a complimentary start-up session.

Corporate Package

For employers with a growing ergo process

Designed for companies who have an established ergonomics process with an internal ergonomics manager, and ergonomic evaluators.

14- day risk free trial. 


Inquire for annual plans and add-ons.  

Got questions? Get started quickly with a complimentary start-up session.

Enterprise Package

For mature ergo-programs with multi-sites

Seeking to improve your metrics and outcomes?  Ensure a robust systems approach for maximum value. 

Design your custom package!

First 14-days are risk-free.

Inquire for service add-ons, and pricing plans.

Schedule your complimentary discovery call with Alison Heller-Ono, Ergonomics Process Expert. 

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