Worksite International Ergonomics Process Systems® (WIEP)

Four Unique Systems to Maximize Employee Well-Being and Organizational Health.

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Ergonomics Process Influence Model

Ergonomics Process Influence Model®

We Believe Ergonomics Impacts All We Do at Work

In our Ergonomics Process Influence Model ®, you can see the relationship ergonomics has on the individual, the organization, and the systems within, affecting all individuals, all processes, within all industries.

At the micro-level, ergonomics is about the fit of work to the individual stature, abilities, and limitations to maximize performance and well-being.

At the macro-level, all elements interact. Any change in one will affect other elements. If all elements are not designed to fit together, there may be a misfit, and misfits lead to safety, productivity, efficiency, and quality problems.

Build an efficient, value-added ergonomics process (EP) based on lean principles to benefit the entire organization. Choose from a variety of ergonomics process systems strategically designed to give you the tools, tactics, and knowledge necessary to integrate ergonomics into your organization.

Ergonomics Process Systems

Our Ergonomics Systems are Integral to Each Professional Course Offering

Select the Certificate(s) and System(s) You Need to Improve Organizational Health and Well-Being.


Corporate Ergonomics Process System

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Office Ergonomics Evaluation System

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Chair Assessment System

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Remote Evaluation System

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Corporate Ergonomics Process

Corporate Ergonomics Process

Our signature ergonomics process system is designed for health and safety, risk management and HR leaders to give you the most comprehensive organizational approach.

  • Communication tools
  • Ergonomic evaluation systems (WISEE)
  • e-Learning Ergonomics Training
  • Employee self-assessments
  • Ergo-Case Tracker
  • and much more

Based on our six pillars systems approach as the best way to monitor ergonomic performance in the workplace, we'll guide and advise you to achieve a consistent, lean ergonomics process to work injury prevention, improve employee well-being and boost organizational performance. 

WISEE Office Ergonomics Evaluation System

WISEE Office Ergonomics Evaluation System

Our flagship course, Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp) includes the Worksite International Systeem of Ergonomic Evaluations (WISEE) to perform preventive office ergonomic evaluations.

Use of the WISEE License includes: 

  • Preventive Evaluation templates
  • Ergo Evaluation Request forms
  • Sample reports
  • Database start-up tracker
  • Guidance documents
  • WISEE license and more

The WISEE license is included in our most popular certificate course to learn how to perform a preventive evaluation. Whether you work for an organization, want to enhance your career or add to an existing service line, the WISEE system gives you the advantage you need to prevent injuries. 

Chair Assessment System (CAS)

Chair Assessment System (CAS)

Our Certified Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp) course includes our unique and validated Chair Assessment System to track and manage chair assets.

  • Chair Assessment Tool
  • Chair Asset Inventory Database
  • Chair Standards Policy
  • Chair Fit Evaluation templates
  • Chair Fit Database
  • And more

Every employer needs a manner and method to track its critical capital assets. This system is uniquely designed as a preventive maintenance program for your chairs. Determine whether to keep, repair, or replace and fit chairs with our unique CAS. Used by facilities, purchasing, chair sales vendors, ergonomics teams and others.

WISEE-R Remote Evaluation System

WISEE-R Remote Evaluation System

Our advanced level course, Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp) includes a comprehensive approach to performing remote home and office evaluations. This advanced course includes:

  • How to Use Zoom
  • Essential employee surveys
  • Permission templates
  • Remote Ergo Eval forms (WISEE-R license)
  • Instructional videos
  • Sample reports and more

In the Age of COVID, remote evaluations have become a necessary and essential way to assist employees working from home or in the office when an onsite visit is not possible. Our process gives you the tools and methods you need to perform a valid and objective remote evaluation just as if you were in person.

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