We are passionate about how people work.

Worksite International, Inc. provides ergonomics solutions proven to increase profitability, reduce injuries, improve workplace efficiency, employee performance, and well-being.

Serving small to midsize employers (national and global), workers’ compensation insurers, and burgeoning ergonomics specialists.

Evidence-Based and Results-Oriented

Ergonomics Consultation, Analysis and Training

Our expertise is broad and deep, focusing on organizational and individual ergonomics in the office, industrial, healthcare, bioscience, and more offering you a comprehensive approach. 

Systems Approach

Peer-Reviewed and Accepted

Validated and Accpeted Ergonomic Solutions

  • Validated by credentialing boards
  • Peer-reviewed and accepted globally
  • Presented nationally and internationally on three continents since 1996.
  • 100% concurrence by insurance and medical professionals.
  • Published authority and expert

Consistent Outcomes

Demonstrated ROI

Ergonomic Solutions that Provide Consistent ROI

  • ROI of $3-$10 for every $1 invested
  • Prevent 95% of WC claims
  • Millions in claim avoidance savings
  • Reduce injury costs
  • High employee engagement and satisfaction

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Our Team of Ergonomics Professionals

Alison Heller-Ono

President and CEO

Alison Heller-Ono

Alison is a pioneer in the field of organizational ergonomics. She started Worksite International, Inc. in 1993 and brings a unique perspective to workplace ergonomics. As a Board-Certified Professional Ergonomist, Physical Therapist, and Disability Analyst, she has developed the most comprehensive online ergonomics training academy for corporate and professional development in the industry.

Certified Ergonomics Specialists

Credentialed and Experienced

Certified Ergonomics Specialists

Our WINetwork of Certified Ergonomics Specialists are trained to perform preventive evaluations in office, chair, and remote ergonomics. Each consultant is licensed and credentialed to use the WISEE system of ergonomic evaluations to deliver a consistent and valid approach.


World-Class Course; World-Class Expert

World-Class Course; World-Class Expert

WI's corporate ergonomics courses do an excellent job of making it clear why bad ergonomics is something we really don’t want, and why we should avoid it at all costs. ~ Rebecca C., Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

Made a Difference; Highly Recommend!

Made a Difference; Highly Recommend!

We have had particularly challenging cases and Alison has delivered expert recommendations each time that have made a difference. I highly recommend Worksite International, Inc.! ~ Matt P., Advisor, Regional Government Services Authority.

One of Our Most Trusted Advisors

One of Our Most Trusted Advisors

Alison is one of our most trusted advisors when it comes to ergonomics. She is knowledgeable, professional, innovative, and fun to work with. I’m happy to know her!! ~ Scott S., VP of Everest Risk Consulting, Everest Reinsurance Company