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We are a professional ergonomics corporation providing onsite and remote services for small to midsize employers (national and global) and workers' compensation insurers.

We are Ergonomics!

We are Ergonomics!

At Worksite International, we define ergonomics as the relationship between you and your work environment that includes the tools and materials you handle, the tasks that you perform and the environment you perform it in.

Ergonomics is a human-centered system between the individual and their workstation or at a much higher organizational level (macro-ergonomics). It's transformational: a medium to drive change in your organization and positively impact employee health, productivity, and efficiency for years to come.

We partner with our clients to operationalize ergonomics into day-to-day business decisions and activities resulting in superior outcomes.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Worksite International, Inc. values work as an essential element in our lives and our communities. We are passionate about how people work.

Since 1993, we have been providing leading-edge work health management services for employers, physicians, and insurers with the goal of keeping employees healthy and productive at work.

Our expertise lies in our ability to analyze how people work and improve on it. Our services are applied across the continuum of work health care to maximize employee health, well-being and productivity while helping achieve legal and regulatory compliance.

We offer a total solution from prevention and wellness to occupational and non-occupational injury management to difficult disability and lost time cases impacted by the ADA.

We work with you by framing problems and issues known to cause work injuries and reduce efficiencies to create innovative, quality driven, cost-effective management solutions maximizing employee performance, health, and wellness.

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Our Results

Our Results

Our professional ergonomics services are results-oriented and outcome driven.

Since our inception, our goal has been to validate what we do and how we do it to give our clients exceptional value in service implementation to optimize your experience.

Our program methods and results have been peer-reviewed, accepted and presented nationally and internationally on three continents since 1996.

The question is not whether you should use Worksite International to help address your work injury and productivity concerns, but how should you use us!

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