Ergonomic Resources for Health, Safety, and Rehab Professionals

Enhance your knowledge on the pathway to ergonomics success.

eBooks and Guides

A Rehab Professional’s Path to Ergonomics Success

This guide will help you explore opportunities for career enhancement in ergonomics through our professional ergonomics training programs.

The Essential Guide to Becoming an Office Ergonomics Specialist

Learn how to set up your internal ergonomics evaluator program by establishing performance criteria for your organization's ergonomics process.

Ergonomic Principles Every Business Needs to Know

Learn about ergonomic program design and management, essential office and industrial ergonomic principles, and practices to conduct an office or material handling assessment.

The Ergonomics Course Comparison Checklist

Choosing the best ergonomics course that's right for you is never easy. There are so many different courses that offer a variety of knowledge and support. 

Our Ergonomics Course Comparison Checklist is designed to help you decide which ergonomics course is right for you and your goals. 


Guide to Performing Remote Ergonomic Evaluations

If you’re a certified ergonomics practitioner, it’s time to update your skills! Learn how to perform remote evaluations or improve your current knowledge to keep pace with the transition to remote offices.

Pathway to Ergonomics Success

Develop your skills in all aspects of organizational ergonomics. Become Certified as a Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp), Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp), and Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp).

Chair Health Checkup

A guide to help inventory, rate, and determine whether to keep, repair, or replace & fit your chair fleet.

On-Demand Virtual Seminars

Up Level Your Career as a Certified Ergonomics Specialist

Discover How Becoming a Certified Ergonomics Specialist is a Career Growth Path!