Earn Your Professional Certificate

Certified Remote  Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp)

Includes 1:1 professional mentorship guidance for your transformation!

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In just *6 weeks, you will learn how to perform a remote ergonomic evaluation on people working remotely at home and in the office. 

Self-Paced & On-Demand + Live Coaching and Mentorship with a CPE

*Estimated time of 2-3 hours per week. Designed for Certified Ergonomics Specialists with evaluation experience.

Learn an Easy Six-Step Remote Evaluation Process

The way we work has changed forever. The pandemic has lead to millions of employees having to work from home. More people are working from home than ever before.

Learn remote office ergonomic evaluation techniques in this accelerated course, specifically focused on the core skill of assessing employees and people who work from home using remote evaluation skills in a concise and objective manner.

This course is designed for the advanced practitioner already certified in office ergonomics (CEES, CEAS, COEE, COESp or other) and earns a Certificate as a Remote Ergonomics Specialist or CRESp.

Become a Certified Remote Ergonomic Specialist (CRESp)

Our Courses Offer Guided Practice Leading to Independent Performance

Enhance your career by learning to conduct remote evaluations. Remote evaluations as part of telehealth and an employer's ergonomics program are here to stay. Get on board with this exceptional opportunity to learn from an experienced instructor who has performed hundreds of remote evaluations.

This course is ideal for professionals with at least 1-2 years of ergo experience evaluating multiple people or previously certified in ergonomics:

  • Corporate Safety and Ergo Teams
  • Certified Ergonomic Evaluators (COESp, CEAS, CEES, COEE, and others)
  • Rehab professionals (PTs, OTs, DC, RN)
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Risk Managers
  • Loss Control Consultants
  • Certified Safety Professionals

Earn your CRESp Certificate by completing the course activities, passing the exam, and participating in one 60- minute private mentoring session to demonstrate competency in remote evaluations.

CRESp Course Contents

Designed by a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist and Physical Therapist

How to Conduct Remote Evaluations

Home and Office

Course Objective: By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct a remote video ergonomic evaluation using the Worksite International System of Remote Ergonomics Evaluation ®.

Our course covers the following content:

  • An introduction to preferred technology for remote evaluations
  • The ROI of Work from Home to justify your services
  • The types of services you can offer with your Certificate
  • Learn the six steps essential to performing any remote office evaluation.
  • Learn how to effectively use the Worksite International System of Remote Ergonomics Evaluation
  • Analyze case studies and write a complete report to hone your skills
  • And much more.

Personalized Coaching, Mentoring, and Feedback

Every step of your journey!

Unlike other programs, we make sure you are successful by supporting you every step of the way to ensure your transformation! You get over 5 hours of direct support through your journey.

  • Use the discussion in each learning module to ask questions directly to your instructor.
  • Milestone meetings with your ergonomics coach and mentor at strategic points in your journey.
  • Receive vital written feedback on all assignment submissions to ensure you are on the right track. 
  • Meet monthly at our WINetwork Expert Hour with your instructor and other students to learn valuable aspects of the ergo marketplace.
  • Be part of a community of like-minded professionals

Includes Several Bonus Courses

To Enhance Your Learning Experience
When you enroll in the Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp) course, you have access to the following adjunctive courses and learning opportunities:

CRESp Corporate Bundle

Includes Ergo-Case Tracker

Included in the CRESp Corporate Bundle, the WI Ergo-Case Tracker helps you manage your cases from the time you receive your request, to report distribution, process accountability, purchases, training, cost benefit, ROI, and much more. 

This software allows you to track and manage:

  • Each ergo eval request you receive.
  • Track key performance indicators
  • Monitor overtime for quality control.
  • Track critical costs and metrics related to your program.
  • Measure ROI for management and leadership.
  • Generate critical reports to show your valuable results and much more.

CRESp Design & Delivery

Includes Live Coaching, Mentorship, and Support!

CRESp is designed by Alison Heller-Ono, a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, and Physical Therapist. It includes self-paced, on-demand pre-recorded lessons, evaluation tools, and valuable resources for ongoing use to build your remote evaluation program. The course features live coaching, participation in Expert Hour, and one on one mentorship, and support!

When you enroll in our CRESp course you'll have access to:

  • 8-hours of self-paced video lessons showing you how to use video technology for your remote assessments.
  • Includes several bonus courses to enhance your learning
  • The Worksite International System of  Ergonomics Evaluation -Remote (WISEER) templates, forms, and tools for remote evaluations
  • Strategies and techniques to conduct an efficient remote evaluation resulting in exceptional client outcomes.
  • 365 days of access to instructional videos and course content to ensure course completion
  • Receive three (3) live coaching sessions + feedback on all completed assignments so you know you are headed in the right direction.
  • Engage in the WINetwork monthly Expert Hour with renowned experts in the Ergonomics marketplace who present their expertise in a private forum.
  • Annual membership in the Worksite International Network of Certified Ergonomics Specialists (WINetwork). Includes substantial benefits and access to the WINetwork Resource Library.
  • And much more

Enrollment Options

Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp)

Self-Paced & On-Demand + Live Coaching and Mentorship

One-time Payment

Best Value

Everything you need to perform remote hybrid office and home ergonomic assessments. Follow a simple step by step process with the templates and tools you need. Plus, guided mentorship at critical milestones. Includes WINetwork Membership program.



Monthly Payments

On a budget, try our easy 3-month payment plan to enroll in the CRESp Course. Same great benefits as Best Value course for those on a budget.

3 months x $300.00/person

CRESp Corporate Bundle

Includes Ergo-Case Tracker

Your Corporate Bundle includes the CRESp Best Value course for 12- months, multiple mentoring sessions, the WINetwork Membership program. Track up to fifty (50) cases using the Ergo-Case Tracker software your first year.


CRESp + COESp Masterclass Bundle

Excel with Office and Remote

Become certified as a  COESp and learn remote evaluation techniques to earn your Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp).  An exceptional value. Save $397.00 with both courses. 


Payment plans on request

An annual renewal  is required to maintain your credential and continue to be a part of the Worksite International Network (WINetwork) of Certified Ergonomics Specialists, giving you access to unique opportunities exclusive to this group. 

Discounts available for groups of 3 or more.  Contact Alison for a complimentary course consultation. 

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As a student of the Worksite International Ergonomics Training Academy and specifically, our professional courses (CASp, COESp, CRESp), you are an exclusive member of the Worksite International Network (WINetwork) of Certified Ergonomics Specialists! The WINetwork represents quality and competency in ergonomics service delivery using the various WI Systems of Ergonomic Evaluations. Participants stay up to date with happenings in the ergonomics marketplace as it applies to their current role and receive numerous benefits.

What Students Say About Our Courses

This Course Rocks!

"As a posture specialist of 15 years, when I found Worksite International's courses, I powered-up with the COESp. Then, I took this course on remote ergonomics, which set me up to provide accurate and effective remote ergonomics consultations. I felt well looked after and tutored despite being based in the UK, so this course works globally. If you're an experienced ergonomist and want to upskill your remote home-office assessment skills, then this is the course for you!" ~ James Crow, BSc Hons MSTAT, CRESp, Director, Posture Stars

A Wonderful Journey

Michael Schiller, CUSA, CERT, CSMP, CRESp, COESp

"As a graduate of your COESp and CRESp courses, I've added immediate value to my professional skills portfolio resulting in a far superior outcome for my clients. The CRESp course provides me with:

  • Confidence
  • Expertise to perform objective remote evaluations
  • A valid 6-step process
  • The WISEE System of Remote Evaluations toolset
  • And much more

I’m amazed at what I thought I knew to what I now know in contrast. Your coaching, mentorship, and assignments are of excellent value and a vital part of the overall certificate process. I am genuinely grateful for the knowledge and confidence you installed in me."

Exceptional Value with a Wealth of Resources

Exceptional Value with a Wealth of Resources

"I participated in the CRESp certificate program which was delivered in a live-web-based format. I received exceptional value from the information presented in the course. The Worksite International remote evaluation process for providing remote ergonomic assessments is very thorough and easy to follow, understand, and implement. I received excellent and timely feedback from the instructor.

This course offers a wealth of resources and several easy to follow handouts, videos, and guides geared towards different audiences. I would highly recommend any of Worksite International’s training, in any format, to anyone interested in learning more or refining your skills and knowledge in ergonomics."                                 ~ Justin C., ATP, COEE, CASp, CRESp, Rehab Technologist, Maryland State Department of Education

Instructor, Coach, Mentor

Alison Heller-Ono

Alison Heller-Ono

Serving Corporations for over 27 years.

“I believe office ergonomics is a foundational skill before one can study higher level ergonomics. I have trained hundreds of professionals to successfully perform quality, reliable office ergonomic evaluations using the Worksite International Ergonomics Evaluation Systems. Students transform themselves in just a few months, achieving ongoing success within their companies or as a professional consulting career.”

Alison Heller-Ono is President/CEO of Worksite International, Inc., and has been teaching and mentoring professionals in the art and science of ergonomics for over 25 years. She is a “pioneer” in the Bay Area Ergonomics Community.Alison is a veteran physical therapist (MSPT), possesses 2 board certifications in Ergonomics (CPE and CIE) and is a Certified Disability Analyst (CDA).

Alison’s body of work has been peer-reviewed nationally and internationally to validate the Worksite International Systems of Evaluation and Training as a trusted and reliable approach to organizational ergonomics.

Disclaimer: This private credential workshop is provided to assure competency in conducting ergonomic evaluations within your organization only. There is no state or national licensing criteria required to perform ergonomics analysis in the workplace. However, there is national board certification process to become a certified professional (CPE)or industrial ergonomist (CIE). Completion of this course does not mean the certificate holder is qualified to perform evaluations outside of the organization as a consultant nor can they call themselves a certified “ergonomist”. Our certificate program is designed to help you evaluate healthy employees and set up safe work areas in the office. Students awarded with a Certificate as an Office Ergonomics Specialist demonstrate the competency to use the Worksite International Ergonomics Evaluation System to perform office ergonomic evaluations. For more information on national certification, ask us or read our blogs on ergonomics certificates and certifications.