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Self-Paced & On-Demand + Live Coaching and Mentorship.  Develop your ergonomics process with a focus on prevention! Learn to perform office, chair, and remote evaluations. Join our pathway to ergonomic success today!


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Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp)

Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp)

Learn how to perform preventive, office ergonomic evaluations.

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Certified Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp)

Certified Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp)

Learn the science of sitting and chair assessment, selection, and fit.

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Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp)

Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist (CRESp)

Learn ergonomic evaluation techniques specifically focused on assessing hybrid and fully remote workers.

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Discover How Becoming a Certified Ergonomics Specialist is a Career-Advancing Opportunity!

Watch the video, Up Level Your Career as a Certified Ergonomics Specialist. Designed for anyone interested in up leveling their career with the science of ergonomics. From novice to CEAS, CEES, COEE, or others with health and safety, HR, or rehabilitation backgrounds, you'll glean what it's like to become a Certified Ergonomics Specialist and why now is the best time to join the Worksite International Academy.

Become a Certified Ergonomics Specialist

Transform Yourself and Your Career

Become a Certified Ergonomics Specialist
Become a part of the Worksite International Ecosystem and reap the rewards! 

The Worksite International Ergonomics Training Academy Ecosystem offers a full array of unique professional ergonomics certificate courses and benefits to start or enhance your career in ergonomics.

  • Become Certified through the Ergonomics Training Academy
  • Continue to learn and grow in the WINetwork Membership Program
  • Be an exclusive part of the WINetwork of Certified Ergonomics Specialists

Our unique pathway will develop your skills in all aspects of organizational ergonomics. Whether you work for an employer and want to enhance your current role or are a rehab professional developing your ergonomics service line, our ecosystem will enhance your skills and knowledge while transforming your career.


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WINetwork Benefits

As a student of the Worksite International Professional Ergonomics Training Academy (CASp, COESp, CRESp), you are an exclusive member of the Worksite International Network (WINetwork) of Certified Ergonomics Specialists affording you many benefits! 


  1. 5% off any Ergonomics Training Academy courses in our professional, corporate, or individual offerings for you and your organization.
  2. Exclusive access to our resources, like e-books, infographics, and employee job aids when released.
  3. Ongoing access to the courses you enroll in.
  4. Email or phone access to your mentor for ergo questions, advice, and strategic support.
  5. Review of one evaluation of your choosing with feedback from a Professional Ergonomist (PT, CPE).
  6. Monthly WINetwork newsletter of what's happening in our network.
  7. Each month experience ongoing continuing education in our Expert Hour featuring national and international ergonomic experts.
  1. Present your case study to other students for validation of your ongoing development.
  2. Have access to all the Expert Hour recordings in the WINetwork Resource Library for your first year.
  3. The potential for referrals and subcontract opportunities for certificate graduates with their own ergo consulting business.
  4. Ability to transfer your course enrollment and membership to your new job if you are current on your dues.
  5. Become an Affiliate of the WINetwork and use our corporate training programs as part of your service portfolio.
  6. Opportunity to accelerate your consultancy in our Ergonomics Business Mentorship program.
  7. And much more!

Exceptional benefits enhance your first year of enrollment and annual renewal thereafter.

The WINetwork represents quality and competency in ergonomics service delivery using the WI System of Ergonomics Evaluations. Enrolling in our courses means you are a part of a growing network of qualified professionals delivering a consistent and valid approach to ergonomics service delivery.

Introductory Courses (Non-Certificate)

Are you exploring ergonomics to enhance your knowledge and skills but don't want a professional certificate? Start with our mini courses.

Step by Step Video Guide to Workstation Setup

This mini-course will show you the Worksite International Five-Step Methodology to setting up a seated and standing workstation along with the common anthropometric measures to take in the office. You'll learn the measuring secrets of an Ergonomist! Includes a simple checklist to determine whether the workstation meets or doesn't meet the criteria for an ergonomic workstation. Earn a Certificate of Completion upon course completion. Learn More

Home Office Ergonomics for Rehab Professionals

This introductory mini-course is designed for rehab professionals (PT, OT, DC) who need an overview of the root causes and quick solutions for work at home patients. Apply telehealth ergonomics when you learn the essentials of home office ergonomics to help your patients with home office set up. This course is a primer to our COESp and CRESp certificate courses. Earn .2 or 2 hours of CEUs from the CPTA. Provides a Certificate of Completion. Learn More

How the science of ergonomics can propel the next phase of your career.

How the science of ergonomics can propel the next phase of your career.

In my newest eBook, A Rehab Professional’s Path to Ergonomics Success, you’ll learn how to use the science of ergonomics to propel your career the Worksite International way.

Instructor, Coach, Mentor

Alison Heller-Ono, MSPT, CDA, CASp, COESp, CRESp, CIE, CPE, and CMC

Instructor, Coach, Mentor

Serving Corporations for over 27 years.

“I believe office ergonomics is a foundational skill before one can study higher level ergonomics. I have trained hundreds of professionals to successfully perform quality, reliable office ergonomic evaluations using the Worksite International Ergonomics Evaluation Systems. Students transform themselves in just a few months, achieving ongoing success within their companies or as a professional consulting career.”

Alison Heller-Ono is President/CEO of Worksite International, Inc., and has been teaching and mentoring professionals in the art and science of ergonomics for over 25 years. She is a “pioneer” in the Bay Area Ergonomics Community.Alison is a veteran physical therapist (MSPT), possesses 2 board certifications in Ergonomics (CPE and CIE) and is a Certified Disability Analyst (CDA).

Alison’s body of work has been peer-reviewed nationally and internationally to validate the Worksite International Systems of Evaluation and Training as a trusted and reliable approach to organizational ergonomics.