A Rehab Professional's Path to Ergonomics Success

How the science of ergonomics can propel the next phase of your career.


Let's face it,

The pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, even traditional healthcare services. Not being able to engage in high-touch and care giving to others through our hands has impacted many rehab professionals. Telehealth treatments only go so far. 

With more people working remotely, it is critical to understand the importance and role of ergonomics in how we work. 

Rehab professionals are in the best position to analyze and help people work from home and in the office safely and with good ergonomics.  

In my newest eBook, A Rehab Professional's Path to Ergonomics Success, you'll learn how to use the science of ergonomics to propel your career the Worksite International way. 

Inside you'll learn about:

  • the era of the remote worker
  • why now is the best time to pursue ergonomics as a business
  • your best path to ergonomics success
  • and much more

This guide is written for any rehab practitioner in healthcare, manual therapy, and bodywork who has contemplated exploring ergonomics as a business opportunity and career enhancement. 

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