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Are Your Chairs Failing Your Employees or Causing Injuries?

Worksite International's Chair Assessment and Fit Training Course description.

Seated work injuries cost employers an average of $40,000 per workers' compensation claim according to the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau. Likely associated with poorly adjusted, old or failing office chairs.

Your ergonomic chairs are the most important tool in the workplace, aside from the computer contributing to employee productivity. Yet, chairs are misunderstood, under-valued, and poorly managed by all.

It's time to recognize the importance of your ergonomic chairs and the people who use them as the most valuable asset driving health and productivity in your workplace.

Watch the video to learn more about how our unique Chair Assessment and Fit online training leading to certification as a Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp) will help you minimize the risk of employee injury from faulty office chairs to create a comfortable, healthy, and productive workplace.

Who Should Sign Up?

Who Should Sign Up?

If you purchase or sell chairs, evaluate or manage a seated workforce, this class is for you! The Chair Assessment and Fitting Training is perfect for:

  • Facilities managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Ergonomics Specialists (corporate ergo teams)
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Chair Vendor Sales Teams
  • Loss Control

Essentially, anyone who selects, buys, analyzes and fits ergonomics chairs for other people or organizations!

Chair Assessment Training®

Learn How to Assess for Chair Quality, Competency and Sustainability

Example of a poor ergonomic chair.

Thousands of employees sit in old, unsupportive and failing chairs. Stop the cycle of chair failure!

Our Chair Assessment Training is an entry level, self-paced course designed to teach you how to assess for chair quality, competency and sustainability. You will learn what truly makes a chair “ergonomic.” Course includes two small -group coaching sessions and support from Alison Heller-Ono. You’ll also receive a license to use our Ergonomic Chair Assessment Tools® to begin to assess and inventory your chairs as you learn!

Upon course completion, you’ll be able to:

  1. Create a chair standards program for consistency in chair buying habits, so you don't wind up with a ton of bad chairs!
  2. Determine whether to keep, repair/refurbish or replace your chairs before they fail reducing your liability and employee risk.
  3. Inventory your chair assets over their lifetime to make objective decisions about your chair fleet and take advantage of your chair warranty.
  4. Use our Chair Inventory Dashboard to track your chairs by location or manufacturer so you know exactly what you have; chair quality and effectiveness and other important variables in chair asset management.
  5. Be better prepared to assist employees and your organizations's chair needs.... and much more!

Our Ergonomic Chair Assessment tools will take the guess work out of managing your chairs to reduce risk and expenses for your organization while helping to justify chair repairs and replacement. (Ergonomic Chair Assessment Software is PDF and Excel for PC use.)

Chair Fit Training®

Prescribe the Right Chair for the Right Person Every Time

How to fit an ergonomic chair.

Measuring employees is the best way to assure proper chair fit and comfort.

Become the “go to” expert in your organization for all things chair related with our unique Chair Fit Training®, an add-on to our Chair Assessment Training.

We will teach you how to identify the proper ergonomic chair features to fit any stature, for health or medical needs, and/or functional task performance. Our training includes all the forms and processes you need to conduct onsite chair fittings with or without a chair lab. Plus two small group coaching sessions with Alison Heller-Ono.

Upon course completion, you’ll be able to:

  1. Apply our valid, objective methodology to perform an accurate, prescriptive chair fitting for any individual.
  2. Easily evaluate employees using our Chair Fit form to select the best chair based on task performance and fit needed.
  3. Use the BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer Assoc.) guidelines to assist with chair selection and fit.
  4. Set up a chair lab with the best chairs for your organization or use what you have.
  5. Determine the ROI of chair purchases to help substantiate your investments.

This is an advanced course recommended for those who have at least 1- year experience in ergonomic assessment; and/or you have taken our Chair Assessment Training or are certified at minimum as a Certified Ergonomics Evaluator (COESp, COEE, CEAS I-III, CEES, CAE, CIE, CPE).

Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp) Masterclass

Improve Your Evaluation Skills! Enhance Your Career!

Certified Ergonomic Chair Assessment Specialist

As a Certified Chair Assessment Specialist, you can use the CASp credential after your name and this badge on your documents.

Enhance your career and improve your evaluation skills in ergonomics when you attend and complete the requirements of our Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp) Masterclass. Just sign up for both our Chair Assessment and Chair Fit Training courses and demonstrate your competency using our Ergonomic Chair Assessment and Fit Tools.

Your certification is evidence to your peers and your employer you have achieved a higher level of professional competency by improving your ergonomic evaluation skills, positively impacting employee health and well-being while elevating your status, and advancing your career.

Your enrollment in our self-paced program includes:

  • Our Chair Assessment Training and Inventory Software
  • Our Chair Fit Training and Chair Fit Forms
  • Two small group coaching sessions (Zoom) for intimate Q &A with Alison Heller-Ono
  • Two private 30 minute one: one coaching sessions with Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CDA, CASp, CIE, CPE for support in completing your first three chair fittings
  • And much more!

Need help convincing your boss to sign up for our training, download and modify our convincing letter. CASp Supervisor letter. 

Each Course Includes Our Unique Chair Assessment Tools and Resources

Chair Assessment Training includes Chair Assessment Inventory Database

Chair Assessment Training includes Chair Assessment Inventory Database

Use the database to assess your chairs in the field and determine which chairs to keep in circulation, repair or eplace before they fail causing harm to your employees. Database includes a visual dashboard for easy analysis of your chair fleet.

Chair Fit Training includes Chair Fitting Forms and Database

Chair Fit Training includes Chair Fitting Forms and Database

Our Chair Fit Training includes our unique chair fit procedure, chair fit evaluation forms to custom fit and prescribe chairs and our novel chair fit database and dashboard analytics to track your investments over time.

Other Resources and Tools

Other Resources and Tools

Build your knowledge and skills by participating in live small group Q&A calls with your peers and instructor; share on our Linked In private group and receive one: one coaching with Alison Heller-Ono in our Masterclass!

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What Course Participants Say

“I highly recommend this program.”

“I highly recommend this program.”

The chair assessment training was exceptionally organized and delivered. I was so impressed by the extent of information and expertise Alison brought to the learning process. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to create a systematic process for assessing chair or for just broadening their professional knowledge of chairs. Great training Alison! ~ Sara Taylor Eggleston, Disability Manager- Structured Health Resources, Inc.

“A lot of invaluable info for me.”

“A lot of invaluable info for me.”

As an ergo consultant, this is the second class I've taken from Alison; each course has included a lot of invaluable info for me, even after many years of working as an ergonomist! The first course turned out to be instrumental in my success over the past year, and with the chair assessment class I feel I have much more depth than previously in my approach to chair ergonomics. Also - I always love Alison's inspiration and encouragement! ~ Stephanie W., Ergonomics Consultant

“Alison has a tremendous knowledge base.”

“Alison has a tremendous knowledge base.”

Alison has a tremendous knowledge base. passion for chairs and worked hard with our group to get as much information as possible regarding chair assessment in the time available. ~ Andree G., Manager Infection Prevention and Employee Health

"This is a well designed and practical course."

"The Chair Assessment Training makes it easy to select the right chair for each employee and immediately implement an effective chair maintenance program. This is a well designed and practical course with an easy to use Chair Assessment System (CAS). I have the skills and tools to immediately review all current office chairs, build a maintenance program and report on the cost benefits of either repairing or replacing current chairs. It should be considered essential for any employer looking to choose and maintain the best chairs for employee health, safety, comfort and productivity." ~Elizabeth Kirk, PhD, Ergonomics Consultant