Ergonomics Business Mentorship

Are you a burgeoning ergonomics practitioner trying to break into the ergonomics business marketplace? Or are you stuck in trying to figure out how to accelerate your current business?  Learn from Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE and Master Ergonomist! Remote ergonomics coaching and mentoring now available to help you achieve ergonomics business success!

Are You Passionate, Committed and Hard Working?

I'm making myself available to a limited number of qualified professionals who demonstrate the passion, drive, commitment, and motivation to launch a successful ergonomics consulting business.  To join this program, you must be a rehab professional with a valid healthcare license and or possess an ergonomics certificate (COESp, CRESp, CEES, CEAS, CAE, CIE, CPE or similar) or the desire to earn it. You must be willing to invest your time and money to be successful.

All mentored professionals become part of the WINetwork of Certified Ergonomics Professionals. 

You Create the Agenda Based on Your Professional Goals!

The Worksite International Ergonomics Business Mentorship Program is either three months or six months of unlimited access to me. I will help you break into the ergonomics marketplace or help you propel your current ergonomics consultancy to financial and professional success.

Once a week, we schedule a video chat for 60- minutes. I'll help you with your marketing and business promotion, your service line development, your evaluation formats, writing a professional report, proposal writing and solving challenging ergonomic questions, and much more. All based on your goals and interests. 

We will work together to target your strengths and weakness, with a focus on achieving your outcomes through: 
  • Creation of skills, objectives and goal setting
  • Determine metrics for success
  • Help with deadlines, timelines, and accountabilities
  • Support with your website
  • How to build your list
  • Marketing and sales messaging
  • Lead magnet development
  • Ergonomics business strategies
  • Ergonomics theory and practice assistance
  • Report template design and review

You'll receive targeted advice from me, a 28- year veteran in the ergonomics marketplace to help you grow your monthly revenue. I'll show you examples, methods, point you in the right direction, to drive your business forward, including how to win contracts and build your business.  

We Work Together, Confidentially: 

  • Mandatory weekly phone calls (60-minute recorded video chat)
  • Unlimited email and phone calls
  • Unlimited review of work relevant to your goals
I will be your confidant and you will be mine. We cover business issues i.e. strategically (how to set fees, how to gain visibility, how to position your business in the marketplace, how to write a good proposal etc.), and tactically (what to say at the meeting tomorrow, critiquing proposals, overcoming objections, etc.).

All activities and conversations are confidential and based on a trusted professional relationship between you and me. This is essential given the nature of our businesses and the desire to share and grow without compromising the integrity of our relationship and the relationship we each have with our clients and professional development goals.

The onus is on you to initiate contact with me as your mentor and coach. You may start at any time. There are no “breaks” or “freezes” unless we agree on one. The program is ongoing for the three months or six months. Pay in full or use our payment plan. 


Your Investment

Your Success is My Success!

The greatest investment you’ll make here is your commitment to yourself to grow your business. This includes your commitment to learn from me to help drive your progress, and to incorporate the needed actions into your life. You need to put in the time to be a success and to have a successful consultancy. 

This is a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your business. You will recoup this in knowledge, confidence, opening your pipeline of business and closing more business.

If you are interested in being mentored by a pioneer in the ergonomics industry, where I share with you almost all my business secrets, savvy, and experiences I’ve accrued over three decades as an ergonomics professional, then register below. Admission is limited. If there are no openings there is a “first come, first serve” waiting list.


I Truly Have a Handle on My Business!

I Truly Have a Handle on My Business!

“If you're building your own Ergo business, contact Alison about her Ergonomics Business Mentorship Program! I just completed my mentorship with Alison. My business has picked up incredibly and my knowledge base about the ergo business has increased exponentially. (I've been busy as a subcontractor ergo consultant for 12 years, but now I truly have a handle on how to launch my own business.) Alison is well-known & highly respected both as a consultant and an instructor--people in our field are lucky that she's so willing to share her expertise!” ~ Stephanie Weber, Golden Gate Ergonomics

I Just Wanted to Do More!

Julianne Payton's Journey

Take the Shortest Path Forward

Listen in to Julianne Payton's story! As a PT, CEAS, she was burnt out and unhappy. So, she pursued ergonomics as an adjunct to patient care. Julianne just wanted to do more to help her patients in the workplace. 

But Julianne was lost. Not knowing much about how to develop and market her ergonomics business, she sought out a mentor to help her. 

Follow Julianne's journey from feeling misdirected and frustrated to fully committed with a business plan, well-designed website, and a clear path forward for her future!


My Guarantee

I guarantee you will make your original investment back within the first year of us working together, provided you dedicate the time, commitment, and passion to grow your ergonomics business, and you follow my advice.  If within nine months following your successful completion of the business mentorship program, you haven't earned back your investment, I'll work with you again at no charge until you do!