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Our Member Portal is designed for our Worksite International Network (WINetwork) members who have purchased access to our professional training programs. A username and password are required to access this information.

Ergonomics Training Academy (ETA)

Student Portal

Click the "dashboard access" to login into the Worksite International Ergonomics Training Academy Portal for dashboard access. Learn more about becoming a member of the WINetwork. Renew your professional certificate (COESp, CRESp, CASp) to maintain your Ergonomics Specialist credential and license. Remember to save your login credentials. 

Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA)

Alleviate Stress and Reduce Workplace Injury Risk with MyAbilities Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) Technology.

Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA)

Worksite International is an authorized reseller of the Rapid Office Strain Assessment, designed by My Abilities.

ROSA provides a digital and cost-effective solution to improve employee health and safety in the office and at home (remote office).

ROSA quickly guides the employee through a self-assessment and shows the employee how to properly adjust their workstation and prevent discomfort and injury. Proven effective, ROSA is cited in over 100 scientific publications.

ROSA allows your employees to evaluate their workstation in the office or home to identify areas of high risk. ROSA gives vital information as to what the primary concerns are in the workplace in a systematic and comprehensive way by engaging employees in the process.

To learn more about how ROSA works, click below. ROSA is included in our CEPL Masterclass program.