Home Office Ergonomics for Rehab Professionals

Help your patients with Telehealth Ergonomics

A Certificate of Completion Mini-Course for CEUs

This self-paced, mini-course is an introduction to ergonomic principles contributing to the most common musculoskeletal disorders associated with computer use. It specifically focuses on working at home.

Course Details

If you are actively delivering telehealth services, then you'll benefit from this introductory course in home office ergonomics! Our mini-course will give you the basics of home office ergonomics setup to assist your patients. This self-paced, on-demand course includes several ergonomic job aids you can download and use with your patient evaluations to impart safe behaviors in the home or office.

Who Should Attend

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Health Nurses
  • Health Case Managers
  • Chiropractors
  • Physicians

What You'll Learn

  • Why ergonomics is essential to musculoskeletal injury prevention.
  • Recognize the most common signs and symptoms associated with computer use and what they mean.
  • List the four most commonly occuring ergonomic risk factors and the associated tasks.
  • Identify the five steps every Rehab Professional should know to help patients at home create a more ergonomically correct work environment.
  • Create quick fixes and hacks at no cost for your work at home patients
  • And much more

Certificate and CEUs

Complete the course and quiz to earn your Certificate of Completion.This course has been approved for .2 CEUs or 2 credit hours by the California Physical Therapy Association. The course does not earn a professional certificate in ergonomics.

Design & Delivery

This practical course is designed by a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist and Licensed Physical Therapist. It's self-paced, delivered online in under two hours and available for continual viewing for one year from purchase.

Enrollment Options

Home Office Ergonomics for Rehab Professionals


Earn .2 CEUs or two hours from CPTA

Several options to choose from starting with our introductory mini-course. Add our Step by Step Video Guide and learn the measuring techniques of a master ergonomist. Or enhance your career by earning your Certificate as an Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp) when you enroll in our Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist flagship course.

Add to Your Training

Step by Step Video Guide To Workstation Setup: Measuring Secrets of a Master Ergonomist


Save $40. and earn 2 credit hours or .2 CEUs from CPTA

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Become Certified!

Earn your Certificate as an Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp) in this Masterclass

Upgrade now. Includes Coaching and Mentorship, Chair Fit training, and Step by Step Video Guide


Earns 2o credit hours or 2.2 CEUs from CPTA

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Valuable Bonus Materials

Continually Encourage Safe Work Habits At Home and in the Office

Home and Office Ergo Guide

Home and Office Ergo Guide

This guide shows you and your patients how to easily set up any home office in 5 easy steps and more.

Quick Fix Guide to Common Office Ergonomic Problems

Quick Fix Guide

This guide contains quick fixes and hacks for common workstation setup issues.

Stretch-Time Self-Care Brochure

Stretch-Time Self-Care Brochure

Guide to discomfort prevention and management at home and work.

Start helping your patients today!

Meet Your Instructor

Alison Heller-Ono, PT, MSPT, CDA, CPE

Meet Your Instructor

Professional Ergonomics Trainer for 27 years.

Alison Heller-Ono is an industry leader in the ergonomics marketplace! Alison has taught and mentored rehab professionals and others in the art and science of ergonomics for over three decades. She has developed and delivered multiple professional ergonomics courses leading to certificates using the Worksite International System of Ergonomics Evaluation (CASp, COESp and CRESp).

As a pioneer in the field of consulting ergonomics, Alison started Worksite International, Inc. in 1993 and brings a unique perspective to workplace ergonomics. As a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Physical Therapist, and Disability Analyst, she has developed the most comprehensive online ergonomics training academy for employers, employees, professionals and individuals in today's market.