Ergonomics Training Academy Open House

Transform into a Certified Ergonomics Specialist in no time!

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The WI Ergonomics Training Academy Open House

Hear What Makes Us Unique in The Ergonomics Training Marketplace.
The WI Ergonomics Training Academy Open House
Register for the Virtual Open House Replay to discover how our Certified Ergonomics Specialist courses can empower you to:
  • Excel in workstation evaluations
  • Craft impactful professional reports
  • Reduce workplace injuries
  • Prescribe the right ergonomic products
  • Propel your career forward
    And much more!

This presentation is designed for anyone trying to elevate their current career or explore new avenues. Our Professional Ergonomics Training Academy is your ticket to success. From novice to CEAS, CEES, COEE, or others with health and safety, HR, or rehabilitation backgrounds, you'll glean what it's like to become a Certified Ergonomics Specialist and learn why now is the best time to elevate your career in our academy.

Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE, Director of the Worksite International Ergonomics Training Academy, will take you on a journey to succeed in today's business climate as a Certified Ergonomics Specialist.

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