Exclusive Corporate Leadership Masterclass

Certified Ergonomics Process Leader (CEPL)

Build, design, and manage a sustainable ergonomics process for your organization.

Today's Organizations Need a CEPL! As workplaces become more complex, leadership must be prepared to address employee concerns proactively using the science of how we work remotely, onsite, and in a hybrid environment to yield exceptional results.

Gain Powerful Organizational Outcomes with a Systems Approach


Organizational Well-Being

Create a healthier, safer, and more engaged workforce with ergonomics.


Efficiency in the Workplace

Help employees work smarter with less waste of time and effort.


Focus on Claim Avoidance

A proactive ergonomics process aggressively reduces employee risk of injury.


Save $10 for Every $1 Invested

Reduce insurance costs through workers' comp claim avoidance and prevention.


Career Advancement

Excel within your organization as a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader (CEPL)®.

Designed for leaders in HR, Safety, Risk Management and others responsible for employee well-being, health, and safety at companies with 300-5000+ employees.

The 6 Phases of a Lean, Participatory Ergonomics Process

Using the WIEP® System

1. Communication

1. Communication

Communication templates and forms to develop an ergonomics policy framework, manage requests, schedule evaluations, track process flow and more.

2. Employee Participation

2. Employee Participation

Employee-driven self-assessments and self-correction are easily achieved through participation in online ergonomics training in our exclusive Ergonomics Training Academy.

3. Ergonomic Evaluations

3. Ergonomic Evaluations

A vetted preventive office ergonomics evaluation process for your ergonomics specialist to effectively deliver onsite and remote assessments.

4. Solution Implementation

4. Solution Implementation

Engineering, administrative, and product selection guidance provides employees and supervisors with an impactful ergonomics report to address and prevent injuries. 

5. Accountability & Follow-Through

5. Accountability & Follow-Through

Achieve powerful outcomes by ensuring ergonomic recommendations are completed resolving employee concerns.

6. Track and Measure Outcomes

6. Track and Measure Outcomes

Track all ergonomic process activities with the WIEP database and dashboard to show cost benefit and return on investment. Daily, monthly, quarterly, and year to year.

The Certified Ergonomics Process Leader includes a license to use the WIEP software forms and tool set. Your investment includes consultation support and mentorship to set up your process, the WIEP System license of forms, tools, and templates over a 12-week period. Relevant services you need to build your lean process are offered as add-ons. An annual license fee renewal is required to maintain your Certificate as a CEPL and includes all the added services and benefits. 

Find the Gaps in Your Ergonomics Process

Take our Discovery Survey to Determine Your Readiness

Assess your organization's readiness to implement your ergonomics process using our easy two-minute gap analysis.

Identify your major gaps and shortcomings to see how ready your organization is to start or improve your current ergonomics program. 

Opt-in for a complimentary strategy session to unpack your results with Alison Heller-Ono, PT, MSPT, CPE, ergonomics process expert, and creator of the Worksite International Ergonomics Process.

How We Work with You

We'll guide you through building your ergonomics process.

Over 12-weeks and beyond, Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE, ergonomics process design authority, sage advisor, and creator of the WIEP® System will work with you to:

  1. Build your sustainable foundation learning the primary concepts and theories behind the WIEP® System.
  2. Conduct a full-scale gap analysis to identify your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and gaps before you launch. Establish critical roles. 
  3. Create your ergonomics process policy and procedures to integrate into day-to-day operations.
  4. Implement the six phases necessary to build and implement the WIEP® System.
  5. Manage your ergonomics process after setup for full-scale sustainability.

We provide the education, advice, and systems you need to succeed, culminating in the creation of your ergonomics process while earning your Certificate as an Ergonomics Process Leader (CEPL)!

Become a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader

Become a Certified Ergonomics Process Leader

Learn a proven approach to creating a sustainable ergonomics process that transforms employee well-being and performance.

Through expert advice, guidance, and mentorship, we assist you to launch the Worksite International Ergonomics Process System, a lean, participatory ergonomics process that maximizes your organizational health.

Leaders learn how to manage risk, implement prevention strategies, and create a healthy workplace using the Worksite International Ergonomics Process System (WIEP)®.

Our proven, customizable, and scalable system encompasses all aspects of ergonomics, including leadership guidance, employee engagement, ergonomic evaluations, control measure implementation, a data-tracking system for ROI analysis, and more.


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Impactful to Our Policyholders

Impactful to Our Policyholders

Worksite International's ergonomics services are impactful and meaningful to our policyholders across any number of genre’s including office, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, and more. ~ John H. Director of Workers Compensation, Everest Insurance

Made a Difference; Highly Recommend!

Made a Difference; Highly Recommend!

We have very challenging workers' compensation cases. Alison has delivered expert recommendations each time that have made a difference. She comes highly recommended!
Matt p., Advisor, Regional Government Services Authority.

One of Our Most Trusted Advisors

One of Our Most Trusted Advisors

Alison is one of our most trusted advisors when it comes to ergonomics. She is knowledgeable, professional, innovative, and fun to work with. I’m happy to know her!! ~ Scott S., VP of Everest Risk Consulting, Everest Reinsurance Company

Amazing Positive Impact

Amazing Positive Impact

Worksite International's ergonomics process impact on the prevention of workers’ compensation cases, and the resolution of ongoing cases for our organization was tremendous. Our workers’ compensation cases and costs dropped significantly along with the cost of our insurance!" ~ Elaine "Lainey" Hunt, Senior Human Resources Consultant

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