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Are your chairs on their last legs? Find out by signing up for a free trial of the Chair Assessment Inventory Database today! Once you submit the form, you will receive a link to download, view, and use the:


  • Chair Assessment Tool (CAT) form to assess the quality of your chairs in the field
  • Chair Assessment Inventory Database Startup Edition (10 chairs) to keep track of your chair fleet
  • Analytics and dashboard to determine which chairs to keep in circulation vs. repair or refurbish


  • [Video] Instructions on how to use the CAS® Inventory Database and Dashboard
  • [Video] Instructions on the 6 primary components to evaluate when assessing a chair
  • [Video] Live example of evaluating 3 different chairs
  • [White paper] A Chair Assessment Model for Organizational Benefit, Safety, and Management

Download the free trial so you can better understand your chair fleet and make data-driven decisions about the sustainability, quality, and competency of the chairs in your workplace.

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