Chair Assessment System

Assess and inventory your chairs for quality, competency and sustainability.

Where do your chairs lie on the ergonomic chair risk timeline?

Where do your chairs lie on the ergonomic chair risk timeline?

Chair Risk Timeline

99% of employers can't answer this question, but now there is a way!

The Worksite International Chair Assessment System (CAS) offers you a way to assess and inventory your chairs for quality, competency, and sustainability. The CAS allows you to determine if your chairs are fit for continued use, need to be repaired and refurbished, or replaced before they fail! This unique program includes the Chair Inventory Database, the Chair Assessment Tool, and the Chair Fitting Tool to optimize your chair fleet.

CAS Optimizes Your Chair Standards

  • Allow your facilities and purchasing manager or others to easily assess the quality, competency, and sustainability of an office ergonomic chair
  • Provide objective and valuable insight for your organization as to whether your chairs should remain in operation for safe and productive work
  • Prioritize which chairs should be repaired/refurbished or replaced based on the five critical factors inherent in determining chair life cycle use and viability
  • Anticipate the budget necessary to replace and purchase your worn, over-used chairs over time

CAS uses a proprietary formula to objectively inventory and rate chair risk, quality and competency to determine chair fleet readiness and sustainability. Easily assess your ergonomic chair quality, and competency in just a few minutes time for only pennies per chair saving you thousands of dollars in reduced risk and claim avoidance. Replacing ergonomic chairs that are worn out or broken is an important part of a life cycle asset management program and ergonomics process overlooked by most employers.

Don't wait for chair failure to occur! Inventory, plan, and budget for repairs or replacement to maximize your seated workforce health, comfort, and productivity.

CAS Software Includes 8 Components

CAS Software Includes 8 Components
  1. *Chair Assessment Inventory Database and Dashboard
  2. *Chair Assessment Tool
  3. Chair Fitting Form
  4. *Instructions for installation and use
  5. *Chair Assessment System Product License
  6. *Sample CAS Inventory and Dashboard i.e. US Coffee
  7. Sample Chair Standards Policy
  8. Chair Fitting Request Form

The CAS is an Excel- based program for PC use only.

* CAS Start-Up Kit components (limited to 50 chairs). License agreement required.

CAS Dashboard

CAS Dashboard

Our CAS offers you a unique opportunity to better understand your chair fleet so you can make decisions about the sustainability, quality, and competency of the chairs in your workplace.

The CAS Dashboard provides you the information you need to determine which chairs to keep in circulation, which need to be repaired and which should be removed for safety reasons along with many other qualifiers to help you save money and invest effectively in your chair standards program.

CAS is Designed for You

CAS is Designed for You

Anyone who sits and uses an ergonomic chair should be able to evaluate the chair quality and competency. The WI CAS and the CAT form is easy to use from facilities managers to safety managers, chair vendors, and loss control agents. We recommend the CAS be used by:

  • Facilities Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Ergonomic Evaluators and Teams
  • Safety Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Supervisors and Employees
  • Chair Vendors
  • Loss Control Agents
  • Professional Ergonomists

Alison has developed an industry leading application tool to measure organization-wide seating program success. This is a groundbreaking program that can really measure ROI on seating and ergo investment with a graphical dashboard that clearly demonstrates the value of investing in quality ergonomics seating company-wide.” ~ Paul Gajewski, Founding Partner - COPA CONTRACT