Ergo-Case Request Form

The gateway to your employee ergonomics evaluation process!

√ Track better data

√ Triage your evaluation requests

√ Improve the quality of your evaluation process

An Essential Communication Tool for Your Ergonomics Process

The Ergo-Case Request Form gives you the data you need to schedule and track your ergonomic evaluations.

Designed for the corporate ergonomics manager or onsite ergonomics specialist, this employee reporting form acts as a “gateway” to your ergonomics evaluation process and is suitable for all types of ergonomic evaluations most companies perform.

Capture important leading indicators supporting powerful results through prevention and better workers’ compensation management.

Collect better data and improve consistency with your ergonomic evaluation procedure by enabling employees to request their evaluation with the Ergo-Case Request Form

Start using it today! Fill out the form and download your request form! Save it to your intranet for direct employee download.

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