The Ergonomics Blueprint for Tomorrow's Laboratory

Proven Strategies for Smart Lab Managers and Science Decision Makers

Ergonomics is Vital to Every Scientists' Health and Productivity

The Pandemic has significantly impacted the Biotech and Biopharma world by driving innovation and production not seen in over 100 years. With this drive for change and innovation comes a price.

If you are a laboratory manage or manage scientists' health and safety in the lab, understanding the impact of laboratory design, work tasks and employee performance is essential. Exposures to ergonomic risk factors affect the back, neck, wrists, and eyes, causing mental and physical fatigue. Gone unchecked and unmanaged results in expensive work injuries, work interruptions, and lost productivity.

In this on-demand seminar, you will leave with actionable steps:

1. Implement the most essential components of an operational ergonomics process.

2. Calculate the true cost of lab injuries to your workforce and operations.

3. Reduce the risk of injury by controlling the top four exposures hurting lab scientists.

4. Draw Your Ergonomics Blueprint for today and tomorrow with these five strategies.

5. Easily activate critical control measures all labs need to take for health and wellbeing.

And more

Register for the replay and catch Ergonomics and Well-being Expert Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE, as she explains how to reduce ergonomic risk and hidden exposures in the laboratory.

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