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Our live and recorded webinars are designed to reflect the trends in today's workplace, whether it's the "sit to stand" dilemma, or how to manage your office chairs as a system to assure safe, productive, and healthy seated work. Our webinars are targeted and full of facts and resources giving you the solutions you need. You can watch the Goldilocks Zone free video now!

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Pre-Recorded Webinars for Sale

Pre-Recorded Webinars for Sale

The Future of Productivity

Price: $39.00 - Duration: 1h15

  1. The trends driving productivity at work and how different "work" is today
  2. Explore the differences between absenteeism and presenteeism
  3. Identify the primary influences of productivity and how it impacts lost time at work.
  4. Methods and strategies to maximize employee health
  5. Business performance measures you can use to show an ROI on productivity improvement
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Chair Fit or Failure

Price: $39.00 - Duration: 1h30

  1. How to Assess for Ergonomic Chair Quality, Competency and Comfort
  2. Determine chair quality and competency; how chairs fail.
  3. Understand (chair) life cycle asset management and why it is important to employee health and safety
  4. Introduce the WI Chair Assessment System: “Keep, Repair, Replace and Fit”
  5. Learn a simple methodology to perform an ergonomic chair fitting
  6. Explore dynamic and innovative chair designs to maximize comfort for today’s seated workforce
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Stand Up for Your Health

Price: $39.00

Alison Heller-Ono will help you:

  1. Understand the scientific research behind the term “Sitting Disease”
  2. Learn the health benefits and limitations of standing at the computer and an “active workplace”
  3. Learn practical ways to structure work to support seated and standing worker-stations without investing a dime
  4. Identify the most appropriate equipment to invest in for best results in creating an “active workplace”.
  5. And much more

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