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Lean Up Your Ergonomics Process for Employee Well-Being and Performance Through our Ergonomics Process Influence Model®.

Ergonomics Process Influence Model®

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Ergonomics Impacts All We Do

Ergonomics Impacts All We Do
Ergonomics Process Influence Model®

In our Ergonomics Process Influence Model ®, you can see the relationship ergonomics has on the individual, the organization, and the systems within, affecting all individuals, all processes, within all industries. 

At the micro-level, ergonomics is about the fit of work to the individual stature, abilities, and limitations to maximize performance and well-being.

At the macro-level, all elements interact. Any change in one will affect other elements. If all elements are not designed to fit together, there may be a misfit, and misfits lead to safety, productivity, efficiency, and quality problems.

Build an efficient, value-added ergonomics process (EP) based on lean principles to benefit the entire organization.

Amazing Positive Impact

Amazing Positive Impact

"Worksite International's ergonomics process impact on the prevention of workers’ compensation cases, and the resolution of ongoing cases for our organization was tremendous. Over a couple of years, our workers’ compensation cases and associated costs dropped significantly. Then, the cost of our insurance dropped as well!"

"Alison Heller-Ono PT, CPE is our trusted advisor. She is a dynamo as an Ergonomics expert! Alison is an all-around amazing entrepreneur, making a positive impact in the well-being of workers’ while decreasing costs for so many industries."

"I recommend inviting Worksite International into your organization to see just what this process can do for you!"

~ Elaine "Lainey" Hunt, Senior Human Resources Consultant

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