Master the Secrets of Ergonomic Chairs

From Assessment to Selection to Fit

Master the Secrets of Ergonomic Chairs

Employers and employees are caught up in the sit-stand-move-groove revolution. Overwhelmed with requests for standing stations, employers may be missing the reason all along, right under your employees ... you know where! Chair quality and competency matters as a leading driver in the STAND-UP-rising!

And while it may be okay for some to stand periodically through the day, it still doesn’t negate the importance of a good ergonomic chair and its impact on employee health, safety and productivity.

What You’ll Learn

Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CDA, CIE, CPE and Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp)

In this presentation, Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CDA, CIE, CPE and Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp), will take you through:

  • The 7 most common concerns employers have with their chairs
  • The true cost of seated work injuries
  • The 7 secrets to master your ergonomic chairs
  • How to assess the chairs you have right now and what to do with them after
  • How chair failure can be devastating to employee health and safety.
  • What the right process is when employees need a new chair.
  • The actions you can take now to improve chairs in your workplace

You’ll come away with a new found respect for chairs as an asset in the workplace or a liability and the importance of an organizational approach to chair asset management.

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Who Should Watch

This presentation is designed for anyone who evaluates or recommends chairs for seated workers. Facilities, purchasing, ergo-teams, ergo-specialists, safety and risk managers, supervisors, chair vendors and more!

Anyone who sits on an ergonomic chair also won't want to miss this eye-opening exposure to chair reality in the workplace.