Office Ergonomics: Working in Comfort®

Now, more than ever, employees need knowledge and awareness of office ergonomics when working at home or in the office. Learn more about our full line of online virtual seminars and self-paced employee courses.

Sedentary Office Work is Dangerous!

Training Overview

Did you know seated office work is a primary contributor to back and neck pain leading to workplace injuries? The average cost of a repetitive motion injury (RMI) or cumulative trauma injury is $40,000 per case according to the California Department of Industrial Relations! The root cause is most often related to a lack of awareness about:

  • The impact of poor ergonomics on health and productivity at work
  • Early signs and symptoms due to exposure to the ergonomic risk factors
  • Unsafe work practices
  • How to properly set up and use a workstation in a healthy way

Seated work injuries due to repetitive motion are highly preventable! To reduce organizational risk, your employees need to know how to work safely with the equipment you have provided them. It’s not intuitive to know how to adjust a chair or workstation. Office Ergonomics: Working in Comfort® online training is designed to teach employees how to work safely and with good ergonomics through self-correction, self-care, and safe work practices.

Are your employees safe at their workstations?

Probably not! Employees simply don’t know or understand the impact of sedentary, seated work or how to set up their workstations correctly. Office Ergonomics: Working in Comfort is a pragmatic online training program designed for any employee who sits at a workstation using a computer two or more hours a day. It's also vital for supervisors and managers, new hires, remote workers, and even your Facilities, Purchasing and IT staff. You can’t hold your employees accountable to the things they don’t know. Train them in office ergonomics, the most important safety training they need for injury avoidance in the office.

Office Ergonomics Training is Essential

For A Productive and Healthy Workforce

Office Ergonomics Training is Essential
Fig. 1 Instruct employees in proper workstation set up as part of your ergonomics program.

Upon completion of the training, your employees will:

  • Understand the meaning of ergonomics and why it’s important to them
  • Recognize the leading causes of injury in the office workplace, so they are in a better position to control their risk factors.
  • Be able to adjust their chair and workstation with more confidence assuring improved workstation set up and comfort
  • Reduce exposure when working at home or on the go
  • Practice self-care and safe work practices to reduce discomfort and avoid claim filing

Office Ergonomics: Working In Comfort®

A Critical Part of Your Ergonomics Program

Six Essential Modules

The training is divided into six learning modules varying from 3 minutes to 20 minutes covering the importance of ergonomics in today’s office and mobile workplace.

View Often Anytime

Super convenient. Employees can watch as often as needed, stop and start where they left off and watch anytime to complete the course and reinforce learning for maximum accessibility year-round.

Check Comprehension

A brief quiz is required for course completion to assure a solid grasp of the essential concepts so you can assure employee accountability.


Your employees will be stoked to receive a Certificate of Achievement once they complete all six modules, the quiz, and the satisfaction survey, The Certificate is good for one year  from date of completion demonstrating knowledge gained in office ergonomics.

Cal-OSHA Compliant

Our training meets Cal-OSHA 5110 requirements and office ergonomics best practices to assure your employees learn the concepts necessary for compliance reducing your liability and risk.

Employee Job Aides

Practical, downloadable employee and supervisor job aides are included to reinforce proper workstation ergonomics after they complete the training for ongoing benefit.

Our Guarantee

You will love our training! We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our training. If you are dissatisfied, we will promptly address your concerns at no additional cost. Sorry, no refunds. See the Terms and Conditions (for online course enrollment).

Customization Available

We can customize your training to reflect your ergonomics program, your standard furniture, tools, and processes for an additional fee.

Add-On Options

Choose options such as remote or in-person ergo-coaching; onsite preventive ergonomic evaluations; add online laboratory ergonomics and/or back safety e-learning for a comprehensive safety and ergonomics program. 



Our training offers closed-caption text for individuals with hearing impairments assuring ADA accessibility compliance. 

Meet Your Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

Alison Heller-Ono is a recognized global expert in ergonomics for over 25 years. She is a veteran physical therapist, possesses two board certifications in Ergonomics (CPE and CIE) and is a Certified Disability Analyst (CDA) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Alison uses her experience and knowledge to convey the importance and value of office ergonomics for every computer user. Alison believes "ergonomics is not common sense and that it must be commonly taught and commonly practiced". Office Ergonomics :Working in Comfort makes ergonomics practical and easy to implement for each viewer. Check out our client testimonials below. 

Satisfied Clients Say It All!

"World Class Course; World Class Expert"

This course has a wealth of useful information!

Testimonial of Rebecca C., Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

Alison Heller-Ono is a world-class expert in the field of ergonomics, and this course conveys both her authority in the field and a wealth of useful information.

  • The course has a neat, clean interface.
  • The material is clear and organized.
  • The background information on the field of ergonomics is just the right amount.
  • The illustrations are helpful and clear.

The course also does a great job of making it clear why bad ergonomics is something we really don’t want, and why we should avoid it at all costs. For example, the course helped me see the connection between risk factors and potential or actual injuries, which is very helpful. Armed with this knowledge, I feel more able to observe my posture and physical actions in my workspace. That in turn helps me to be more aware and better equipped to build in good work habits and eliminate bad ones.

The end result is that the learner stops to think and apply the principles taught, to their own actual situation.

"Alison's training style is fun and educational!"

“Worksite International has been an integral part of our Ergonomics Program at Ocean Mist Farms for the past five years.  Alison facilitates our annual office ergonomics training. Our employees appreciate the interactive workshops and Alison's training style, which is fun and educational!”

~ Loreana M., Senior Safety and Workers' Compensation Manager, Ocean Mist

"Your course was an eye-opener!"

“Great training session; employees immediately became aware of the flexibility their office chairs have. Many employees did not understand that their chairs have other functions than just “up” and “down.” It was an eye-opener for them, along with the posture tips for their work areas. Employees came out of the training more informed and educated on the principles of ergonomics.”

~ Oscar C., Safety and Compliance Specialist, Ocean Mist Farms

"Helped Me Solve My Workstation Problems"

“The Office Ergonomics: Working In Comfort online course helped me to get immediate benefits just by adjusting my chair to support my back. I have had the chair for ten years but did not know how important using that feature is! ! I currently use a sit to stand converter and realized that the placement of my keyboard/laptop is too high when in the seated position. I now think this position is the cause of my long-term neck discomfort.

Thanks for developing this informative, well paced accessible course. I have already recommended it to others.

~ Tessa S., Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Peace in the Seat Therapy Services

"A Phenomenal Presentation"

"Office Ergonomics: Working in Comfort is a phenomenal presentation! It allowed us to recognize that although equipment is a large factor, our posture and responsibility to stretch is also very important.

I loved her onsite ergo-coaching after the training. Alison went above and beyond to really investigate the area and propose new ideas for office set up and equipment. After everything, she taught me so much and I am very appreciative of the passion she has to help others."

~ Joleen C., Economic Success Manager, UpValley Family Centers