Our Results

Clients demonstrate a return on investment year-after-year of $3.00 to $10.00 for every dollar invested in ergonomics when using our services.


Worksite International, Inc. is results oriented and outcome driven. We are one of the few national ergonomics and disability management consulting companies actually reporting on the value of our programs and services.

Our research on the use of our Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP) has been accepted and presented nationally and internationally since 1996. Here are just a few ways that our services have paid off for our clients.

Case Studies

Minimizing Workers' Comp Claims

Minimizing Workers' Comp Claims

In a prospective study using the Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP) over a 5 year period from 2009‐2013 with a large government entity of 4000 computer users, our process resulted in the following:

  • Using an early symptom reporting process helped avoid approximately 1084 claims from being filed and a projected savings of $15.6 million
  • Only 5 of every 100 employees evaluated ever filed a WC claim
  • Actual WC claims reported declined 45% compared to the prior 5 years
  • Return on investment (ROI) for the WIEP was $10.00 saved for every $1.00 invested

Reference: Heller-Ono, Alison, “A Prospective Study of a Macro-ergonomics Process over Five Years Demonstrates Significant Prevention of Workers’ Compensation Claims Resulting in Projected Savings”, Nordic Ergonomics Society and ODAM 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark. See Reference

Ergonomics Demonstrates Substantial Cost Benefit

Ergonomics Demonstrates Substantial Cost Benefit

A small publishing company with 75 employees took an aggressive preventive approach to managing early signs and symptoms reported by employees over a 2 year period. They reported similar results in savings of $10.66 for every dollar invested by using the preventive evaluation services of Worksite International, Inc.

Reference: Heller-Ono, Alison, “Preventive ergonomic strategies demonstrate substantial cost benefit for small to mid-size employers”, IEA 2006, Maastricht, Holland.See Reference

Using an Ergonomics Task Force

Using an Ergonomics Task Force

In a 3 year study of diverse businesses across various industries who invested in the Worksite International Ergonomics Process using an ergonomics task force, the results are clear:

  • The development of the Ergonomics Task Force demonstrates itself as a vital strategy to control workers’ compensation losses
  • The process acts as a cost-savings strategy for the prevention and management of CTDs
  • Benefits improve with time, administrative and financial commitment to the process and are best justified through benchmarking and good record keeping
  • Increase in awareness of CTDs throughout the organization
  • Integration of in-house expertise as an accepted management practice
  • A majority of employees demonstrate safer work habits
  • Early reporting of signs and symptoms
  • Better disability management by front line supervisors and management
  • Improved multi-level communication and improved employee morale for the affected groups

The Ergonomics process including an ergonomics task force demonstrates itself as a flexible tool capable of achieving significant measurable outcomes.

Reference: Heller-Ono, Alison. “Successful outcomes of developing an ergonomics process using an ergonomics task force”, IEA 2000, San Diego, CA. See Reference

Client Comments and Successes

Our Clients Are Our Most Important Indicator of Our Value

Programs and Services

Worksite International Ergonomics Program (WIEP)

  • When the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office had more clerical injuries than patrol officer injuries, they implemented the WIEP. Within a year of implementing the full-service program, cumulative trauma disorder costs were reduced 75%. Within 4 years, savings approached $400,000 throughout all musculoskeletal claims.
  • When Foothill College received a grant to develop an ergonomics program, they selected Worksite International to assist in developing in-house expertise in the form of an Ergonomics Task Force (ETF). Since the activation of the ETF, no new RMI claims have been filed!
  • A small publishing company with 75 employees took an aggressive preventive approach to managing early signs and symptoms reported by employees over a 2-year period. They reported similar results in savings of $10.66 for every dollar invested by using the WIEP preventive evaluation process.
  • “Our Risk Management reported there were no RMI workers’ compensation claims on our campus. We believe that statistic is due to our WI ergonomics program!” ~ Jan Kuersten, Foothill College
  • “Worksite International has given us the tools and process necessary to implement ergonomics. The team members received fundamental training providing them with the right tools and information to get the job done.” ~ Merete Miles Baxter, Hyland Immuno

Functional Job Analysis and Job Matching

  • “Yes I am very pleased and you will be our dedicated vendor for job analysis. Albeit they do not come up that often, I would love to partner with your company in the instances when your assistance is required. So I have all your information, and I really appreciate your help! You did a fantastic job!” ~ Lori P., Claims Supervisor, TPA

Ergonomic Worksite Analysis

  • “Your work is truly impressive and you should be recognized not only for your immense expertise and contributions to the field, but particularly the way you go about your business with enthusiasm, professionalism and caring.” ~ James M., Director of HR
  • “Alison provided ergonomic assessment and hands-on improvements for 12 work stations at our local office. She was thorough, knowledgeable, efficient, and provided above-and-beyond service. Her report detailing each firm member's set-up and recommended improvements arrived on time and as promised. Throughout, she was unerringly cheerful and a true pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!” ~ Anne Maria H., Administrator Joni L. Janecki & Associates, Inc.

Ergonomics Process

  • “I am writing to acknowledge Alison Heller-Ono for her excellence, commitment and dedication in managing the ever growing ergonomics and safety needs of our organization. We are fortunate to have Alison as part of our team. Her knowledge is extremely valuable. Alison is the consummate professional; she is responsive and caring.” ~ Star H., Program Manager
  • “Just a note to let you know I have been working with a headset for the phone system. It is just great. I have had the adjustable keyboard tray for almost a week now and I love it! What a difference such small things make! Thank you again for coming out to my office to do my evaluation on my workstation. It has greatly improved and I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts.” ~ Patty S., Staff Secretary


Training Programs

  • “Your presentations were great! And very much appreciated. Many of us returned to our desks and made significant changes in our chairs, keyboard trays, monitor heights and workstation arrangements. Thanks again for taking the time to work with us and for putting together such an engaging and informative Office Ergonomics training session.” ~ Dyan A., Health Program Director
  • “Alison is a great speaker who knows how to motivate and inspire her listeners”. ~ J Shawn T., San Disk
  • “A very good presentation today at the TWH Symposium. I wanted to compliment you on your presentation style. It was very good -- and made getting the information needed easy to the listener. You did a nice job of relaying the information in an easily digestible manner.” ~ Mari S., Program Manager Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Integration at Black Hills Corporation
  • “I continue to receive only good feedback from the Hayward Team about the training. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been to several trainings on this topic in my life and I really enjoyed the Hands-on On-the-Job training you gave vs. sitting through tenths of slides for two hours of theory. We will definitely keep you in mind if any questions or future needs. Cheers!.” ~ Carlos F., Manager, Pilot Facilities and Operations

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator

  • “Great and informative… new approach to Ergonomics.” ~ R. Flenoid, Superior Foods
  • “Class was great, got a lot out of it!” ~ B. Rodriguez, Superior Foods
  • “I would recommend Alison. She is a great mentor… clear and concise.” ~ A. Puga, National Custom Packing
  • “Informative class….left with the tools to help our employees be more comfortable and productive.” ~ V. Murguia, McSherry and Hudson
  • “Great workshop! Very informative!” ~ S. Rose, Bay Federal Credit Union

Chair Assessment Training

  • "Chairs are the foundational to work health."
  • "Alison provided a comprehensive review of the factors one needs to consider in chair fitting and how to apply these factors."
  • "Great class."
  • "Very informative."
  • "It was very inciteful."
  • "Lots of hands on activity made learning fun!"
  • "Excellent knowledge."
  • "Gave us information for future purchase."


Chair Assessment System

  • “Alison has developed an industry leading application tool to measure organization-wide seating program success. This is a ground breaking program that can really measure ROI on seating and ergo investment with a graphic dashboard that clearly demonstrates the value of investing in quality ergonomics seating company wide.” ~ Paul Gajewski, Founding Partner - COPA CONTRACT
  • “I tried your chair assessment tool and think it is a great tool for front line supervisors, managers, etc. to use to get a handle on chairs. It is clear and easy to use. I think you did a great job!” ~ Cindy Burt, MS, OTR/L, CPE UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety.
  • “I liked your chair assessment and fitting tool because it is an objective method for assessing chairs and the form was easy to follow. It took less time than what I anticipated. Thank you for the free trial!” ~ Maria Moya Loss Control and Prevention Specialist County of Los Angeles.
  • "Alison Heller-Ono of Worksite International has long been a valuable resource for ergonomics expertise. Now her Chair Assessment System has provided our agency with an objective method of evaluating our inventory of office chairs and determining a replacement/repair schedule. The product is easy to use, especially with the time and effort she puts into training and support. We have purchased the system and will be scheduling new chair fittings soon. Thanks Alison." ~ Cynthia Schmidlin HR Analyst, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.


Keynote Addresses

So, You think Your Workplace is Ergonomic? Think again!

  • “Alison Heller-Ono was the featured speaker at our Central Coast Human Resources Association meeting this July, 2017. Alison is an engaging and excellent speaker. She solicited questions before her presentation and solicited many questions from the audience. Her presentation on Ergonomics was well organized and supported by a very descriptive and compelling PowerPoint presentation. It is clear that Alison is an expert in her field. She would be an excellent resource for any organization who wants to be proactive in preventing workplace injuries. Alison is also clearly respected in this field. She invited representatives from Palace Business Solutions, Cal Ergonomics and Plantronics who brought samples of their ergonomic products for our membership to become more familiar with options available. Alison was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to any organization as a speaker or consultant.” ~ Jennifer Stone, CSU Monterey Bay, College of Extended Education Manager, Professional Development Programs

Future of Productivity

  • “Very helpful information we can use in our operation.” ~ Carl Morello, Assistant VP, The Zenith
  • “Very informative and understandable.” ~ Sonia Martinez, HR Coordinator, MRWMD
  • “Alison is super qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to office ergonomics and productivity. She has helped thousands of people work more efficiently, comfortably and happily; thus making them and their companies more productivity and profitable; with a net result workers can be employed into later years (less turn over) and go home with renewed energy to give to their families and communities.” ~ David Ginsberg, Director of Sales, FurniturePro

Ergonomics for the Professional Organizer

  • “Thank you for a very comprehensive presentation… great insights to the “common sense” of ergonomics! It will be very useful to use with my clients… thanks!” ~ Deborah Kawashima, CPO, Certified Professional Organizer
  • “Thank you for a great presentation this evening!” ~ Sara S. Skillen, Certified Professional Organizer
  • “Thanks for your presentation tonight. I've been interested in ergonomics since 1995 and make it a part of my practice. I loved hearing your thoughts around the biggest challenges in today's workspaces. I'll check out your website and resource section, too!” ~ CLARE KUMAR BSc CEC aka The Flow Pro™, President, Streamlife® - Organizing & Productivity

There is a Method to the Ergonomics Madness

How Methodology and Consistency Assures a Successful Outcome in Ergonomics, Cal Ergonomics, December 2015

  • The workshop provided great information and validation of the importance of fitting the chair to the person. ~ Parminder G., Ergonomics and Workplace Safety Specialist
  • Alison has excellent credentials and knowledge base. ~ Susan P., Health and Safety Service Specialist
  • As a loss control inspector, this class raises my knowledge level by significant volume. It will put me in a different plane of assessment in my job. ~ Thomas V., Loss Control Inspector
  • Excellent information! Need to spend more time measuring which would be most helpful. ~ Marsha K., Risk Manager

AOHP, September 2015

  • “Very informative”
  • “Presenter very knowledgeable and informed”
  • “Great class, really enjoyed hands on assessments”
  • “Alison is great! Knowledgeable and passionate! I’d love to hear more!”
  • “Liked the chair fitting concept; what measurements to use; how to choose universal chairs”
  • “Alison is an incredible SME (Subject Matter Expert). Thank you!”
  • “Good information on a broad topic”.

DMEC Quarterly Luncheon Presenation

  • “You are AMAZING - what a great presentation today! ! So easy-going, scientific and so engaging in the best sense!.” ~ R. M. Nagel, Full Circle Interdisciplinary Consulting


  • “Alison is a lively presenter, not inclined to preach or dwell on her own capabilities and services. She is wholly dedicated to making clear what is right before our eyes - that the wellbeing of people and their work can be deliberately improved with application of straightforward principles and methods in selecting chairs and furniture for working, and that life cycle expenses and risks are impressively less than doing without. We would recommend her without reservation.” ~ David Reynolds, CFM, FMP, Organizer Global Facility Managers Day