Chair Fitting Lab®

Learn the art of chair selection and the science of chair fitting.

Live  One-Day Workshop in Cupertino, CA
December 17, 2018

Manage Your Ergonomic Chairs; Reduce Organizational Risk and Liability

Your ergonomic chairs are the most important tool in the workplace aside from the computer driving employee productivity. Yet, they are misunderstood, under-valued and poorly selected for your employees. 

In this live workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the best chairs for your workforce
  • Understand what makes a chair "ergonomic"
  • Leave how to measure and prescribe chairs for your employees
  • Demonstrate how to adjust a chair for just the right fit
  • How to set up a chair lab or work with your vendors for chair trials
  • And much more!

Completion of this workshop will result in certification as a Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp)

Sign up for the live one-half-day workshop today. Learn how to minimize the risk of injury from faulty office chairs and create a comfortable, healthy, and productive workplace. Seats are limited to 16 participants.

One-day Live Workshop in Cupertino, CA

The Art and Science f Chair Fitting

One-day Live Workshop in Cupertino, CA
Our unique chair fitting lab will give you the skills, practice and experience to assess and fit all types of employees with or without a chair lab in your office.
  • Be more valuable to your employer by earning your Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp) credential.
  • As a consultant, use our chair fitting system to help your clients with proper chair prescription.
  • Boost sales as a furniture vendor by demonstrating to your clients your expertise in assisting them with onsite chair fittings to assure the right selection of their chair fleet.

The live workshop is recommended for those with at least one to two years of ergonomics experience; possess ergo evaluator certification or previously completed a WI course (DIY or CAS online)

Recommended participants: Facilities, Real Estate and Purchasing Managers, In-house Ergonomic Evaluators and Ergo Teams, Safety Managers, Risk Managers, Supervisors, Chair Vendors, Loss Control Agents, Professional Ergonomists

Bonus Tools and Resources

Chair Fitting System (CAS)® and Resources

Chair Fitting System (CAS)® and Resources

Chair Fitting System

  • Chair Assessment and Fitting Procedure
  • Chair Fitting Request form
  • Chair Fitting Evaluation report- no chair lab
  • Chair Fitting Evaluation report- for chair lab
  • Diagram for Chair Fitting

Other Resources and Tools

  • Learn our unique chair fitting formula from an expert!
  • [Video] Instructions on the 6 primary components to evaluate when assessing a chair
  • Comprehensive workbook and essential forms
  • And much more!

Training Program Registration

Training Program Registration

The CAS training® is facilitated by Alison Heller-Ono, President of Worksite International, MSPT, CDA, CASp, CIE, CPE, and CMC. Alison has been assessing seated workers for over 25 years! Join Alison as she shares her knowledge and experience in understanding the seated worker and the ergonomic chair. You'll learn a proven technique to evaluate, prescribe and fit all types of people to the right ergonomic chair every time!

Participants who complete all the course requirements will become certified as a Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp).

 *Live one- day Workshop in Cupertino, CA: $497.00
10:00 am -5:00 pm

Fill out the form to sign up today. You'll then be directed to PayPal to complete your registration. Once you're registered, Alison will contact you with more information about the next steps.

*Workshop is limited to 16 participants.

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What CAS® Users Say

“Can Really Measure ROI on Seating and Ergo Investment”

“Can Really Measure ROI on Seating and Ergo Investment”

Alison has developed an industry leading application tool to measure organization-wide seating program success. This is a ground breaking program that can really measure ROI on seating and ergo investment with a graphic dashboard that clearly demonstrates the value of investing in quality ergonomics seating company wide. ~ Paul Gajewski, Founding Partner - COPA CONTRACT

“It is Clear and Easy to Use”

“It is Clear and Easy to Use”

I tried your chair assessment tool and think it is a great tool for front line supervisors, managers, etc. to use to get a handle on chairs. It is clear and easy to use. I think you did a great job! ~ Cindy Burt, MS, OTR/L, CPE UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety

“Objective Method for Assessing Chairs”

“Objective Method for Assessing Chairs”

I liked your chair assessment and fitting tool because it is an objective method for assessing chairs and the form was easy to follow. It took less time than what I anticipated. Thank you for the free trial ~! Maria Moya Loss Control and Prevention Specialist County of Los Angeles.

“Alison has Long Been a Valuable Resource for Ergonomics Expertise”

“Alison has Long Been a Valuable Resource for Ergonomics Expertise”

Alison has long been a valuable resource for ergonomics expertise. The product is easy to use, especially with the time and effort she puts into training and support. We have purchased the system and will be scheduling new chair fittings soon. Thanks Alison. ~ Cynthia Schmidlin HR Analyst, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.