Microscope Ergonomics

Online Lab Ergonomics Training Course

Avoid postural stress and strain from microscope use. 

Course Details

Course Details

The focus of this training is specifically on the impact of microscope use. Posture awareness is critical for proper microscope use. We show you the best way to set up your microscope workstation to avoid postural strain, the importance of microscope design, selecting the right chair, and critical safe work practices.

Learning Objectives

In addition to the ABC's of Laboratory Ergonomics, this course also covers: 

  • Why microscope ergonomics is essential to your daily routine
  • Set up your microscope with neutral posture each time
  • Recognize the importance of microscope design
  • The importance of setting up your microscope workstation correctly
  • Essential work practices every scientist needs when using a microscope
  • And much more

Easy Course Completion

Each of our corporate employee training courses takes under an hour to complete and is set up in short learning durations of 2 minutes-15- minute sessions for easy learning. Students can complete each lesson in full or return and complete on-demand. 

Upon completion, students earn a Certificate of Completion in the course content. 

Design & Delivery

This course is designed by a Board- Certified Professional Ergonomist and Physical Therapist. It's self-paced, delivered online in about one hour when viewed in conjunction with the ABC's of Laboratory Ergonomics. The course is available for continual viewing for one year from purchase. White-label packages are available for your organization. The ABC's of Laboratory Ergonomics online training course is included.

Bonus Ergonomic Job Aids for Employees

Lab Product Resource Guide: A hard-to-find resource of ergonomic products used most often in a lab.

Microscope Do’s and Don’ts: Do the do’s and stop the don’ts. Review this checklist daily for safer work practices and habits.

Stretch-Time Self-Care Brochure: Guide to releasing the tension of working in the laboratory for hours on end. Features appropriate stretches and symptom management guide.

Training Your Way

We can design your training to meet your corporate goals. Delivered the way you want it:

  • As a live virtual seminar
  • In our learning portal for ongoing access all year
  • Custom bundle of courses just for you with your corporate logo and landing page
  • As an MP4 video for your learning portal
  • Serve as your subject matter expert to help you develop your own training

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Preview the Course Content

Here's a sample of the fundamentals that are covered in this course. Fill out the form to get a copy! 

Microscope Ergonomics | Online Training Course Preview

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Meet the Instructor

Alison Heller-Ono, PT, MSPT, CDA, CPE

Meet the Instructor

Serving BioPharma for over 27 years.

Alison Heller-Ono is an industry leader in the ergonomics marketplace, from ergonomics process design and management to injury prevention, workers' compensation, disability management, and home or office setup. Her background in biology has contributed to her love of the laboratory sciences.

Alison is a pioneer in the field of consulting ergonomics. She started Worksite International, Inc. in 1993 and brings a unique perspective to workplace ergonomics. As a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Physical Therapist, and Disability Analyst, she has developed the most comprehensive online training in laboratory ergonomics in the industry.