Quick-Fix Guide to Common Office Ergonomic Problems

Improve Your Workstation Setup to Minimize Discomfort

Quick-Fix Guide to Common Office Ergonomic Problems

While technology is improving the efficiency of the modern workplace, it has made our workstations more complex. Nowadays, just about everyone has an ergonomic chair, an adjustable monitor, an adjustable keyboard tray or desk, and a newfangled keyboard and mouse. But, adjusting it all to just the right fit is complicated. For most people, it’s a guess as to whether the workstation is set up correctly.

If you haven’t taken office ergonomics training and you don’t have a qualified Office Ergonomics Specialist onsite, you’ll need to do it yourself! It’s essential to take action to reduce the risk of developing postural discomfort or even a work injury.

Understanding the impact of an incorrect workstation setup is important to ward off the onset of early signs and symptoms. To help you identify and remedy possible causes of discomfort at a typical office workstation, we’ve developed this Quick-Fix Guide to Common Office Ergonomic Problems.

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