Q&A with The Home Office Ergonomist

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on September 29, 2020

Q&A with Home Office Ergonomist

When the pandemic started and we had to shelter in place, I knew it was going to be important for people to have someone to answer questions about working at home with good ergonomics.

From that moment on, the Home Office Ergonomist was born! I'm the Home Office Ergonomist, aka Alison Heller-Ono PT, MSPT, CPE, and much more. 

Since COVID-19 began in America, Worksite International, Inc. has been supporting our employer clients and individuals with remote home office services. These include preventive and workers' compensation remote evaluations, ergo-coaching sessions and remote chair fittings, live webinars, use of our pre-recorded trainings and professional ergonomics certificate courses for career advancement. 

Why a Q&A Session? 

During the last two months, I rolled out my live Q&A with the Home Office Ergonomist to provide support and solutions to anyone who takes the time to attend.

It's a Zoom forum where anyone can enroll in advance and submit their questions to me for an answer. Attendees are consumers, employees, physical therapists, risk managers, HR Managers, Safety and Ergonomics Specialists and others. People from all over the world from India to Canada and coast to coast attend the Q&A with the Home Office Ergonomist!

How Does the Session Work? 

To begin the Q&A session, I start with a poll to see what everyone's work from home office is like, what room they work in, whether they  love it or hate it, and if they have discomfort. The results have been insightful and informative.

What Type of Questions are Answered? 

Then, the questions are answered.

While some of the discussion is spontaneous, I take the time to review and research the submitted questions for attendees in advance. I sort them by topics such as work practices and habits, laptops and monitors, sit and stand strategies, chair selection for home, quick fixes and much more. There is time for discussion and more in-prompt-to questions.

I end the session with a surprise gift for attendees or something of value they weren't expecting. This month, people received an early release of my Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Home and Office Ergonomics Furniture and Accessories (2nd edition). No sales pitch; just pure value!

Here are 10 great questions submitted by attendees at the September 25th session. 

1. Is work from home the future of work? 

2. Can you explain the proper monitor height and expand on the idea that the top of line of print should be at eye level or below? 

3. With children on Zoom, do you recommend a sit to stand desk and if so, which one? 

4. What do you recommend for a mobile laptop stand with keyboard tray for wireless keyboard/mouse adaptation? 

5. What are your thoughts on forward tilting postures and do you have recommendations for chairs that include forward tilt? 

6. If a client doesn't have a stipend from their company, where do you suggest buying recommended products? 

7. How often should we be taking breaks and what can we do to avoid a stiff neck and back?

8. What should I be aware of when it comes to buying an adjustable desktop for split level desk use? 

9. Are there specific recommendations for placement of video cameras for teleconferencing? 

10. What is the most important thing to consider when setting up a home office? 

I don't often get through all the questions. However, if you would like to hear the answers to many of these questions and more, I've included the video recording, which I remembered to turn on!

Check it the video below and leave a comment or question for next month. 

Do You have Questions? We Have Answers!

If you have questions you would like to submit regarding your working remotely or in your office, you can do so here. 



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