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Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on March 22, 2024


Are You Living an Ergonomic Lifestyle?

Most people never thought in 2020 their kitchen table or tiny desk in the bedroom would be their home office for the next several years! They began to miss the comforts of the office, their good ergonomic chair, the sit-to-stand desk, and good internet speed! They yearn for an ergonomic lifestyle!

An ergonomic lifestyle is one where you are happy, safe, and comfortable wherever and whenever you work because you have the right equipment that fits and supports you. Your work is human centered or U-centric!
With 2024 well on its way, many employers have opted to allow fully remote work from home, or compromised with hybrid work, resulting in a far more distributed workforce. 

No matter the workplace, everyone benefits from an ergonomic lifestyle.

Fully Remote or In-the-Office Needs

Headlines show us remote work is here to stay siting 16% of companies are fully remote and the norm for many companies. Forbes Advisor recently reported in 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model and about 60% of employees still work in the office. 

It's been at least four years now since the start of the pandemic, which means if you haven't done it yet, it's time to upgrade your chair, desk, and other accessories to make your work area more ergonomic.

It's Not Easy to Select Correctly

It's not easy to select the right equipment. In fact, buying ergonomic furniture can be a confusing and complex decision that can result in spending money on something that won't fit or feel comfortable for you.

Whether you are a corporate buyer or making purchases with a stipend your employer gave you, you need help. The ergonomics product marketplace can be an overwhelming place to shop. 

Don't just rely on the product being labeled "ergonomic." Cost and looks don't make a product ergonomic, and cheaper products aren't better.  They are cheap for a reason!  Shopping for ergonomic products in major online marketplaces often don't give you the whole truth. 

How the 2024 Ultimate Buyer's Guide Can Help You

Our newest version of the Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Home and Office Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories is designed to cut through the red tape and complexity in the ergonomics marketplace. While it won't replace the sound advice of a qualified ergonomics specialist or professional ergonomist, it will help guide you in selecting the tools that will fit you and help you be more productive.

Our guide is the perfect companion to help you set up your remote workplace just right with good ergonomics!

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide will help you find what to buy and how to choose the correct ergonomic furniture and accessories most often needed for your home and office. We cover the following: 

  • Ergonomic Chairs for office, lab, and special needs
  • Keyboards and Keyboard Trays
  • Pointing Devices
  • Monitor and Laptop Accessories
  • Sit-to-Stand Solutions
  • And more

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide is filled with tips, strategies, resources, and links to reliable product vendors to support your health and safety at home.

Learn How to Set Up Your Workstation

Following ergonomic guidelines when you set up any computer in an office is vital to your health.

If you don't, the repercussions can be costly in pain, time, and money!

A poorly adjusted or ill-fitting chair and workstation will result in pain and distraction! And that can lead to reduced productivity, medical bills, and even a workers' compensation claim.

Our 2024 Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Home and Office Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories includes standard ergonomic workstation setup guidelines designed to help you purchase and use your equipment properly.

Get the answers you need from renowned PT Ergonomist Alison Heller-Ono before investing in ergonomic furniture and accessories that directly impact your health and safety. 

Who Can Use the Ultimate Buyer's Guide? 

Our guide is written for you, the consumer. However, it is also written for corporate buyers, safety professionals, ergonomics specialists, and others who want to learn more about what ergonomic products to select, how to fit them and where to buy them. 

Whether you are a corporate buyer or investing in your own work@home health, our buyer's guide will make your decision on what to buy one thousand times easier!

Create your ergonomic lifestyle! Now you can shop with confidence and buy right the first time! Download the latest version of the Ultimate Buyer's Guide today (see below). 

If you have questions, leave it below in our comments section and we'll get back to you!

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