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Alison Heller-Ono

As a pioneer in the ergonomics consulting industry since 1993, Alison has used her expertise, experience, know-how and savvy to change the way people work from employee to employee, organization to organization resulting in improved employee health and organizational productivity. Alison Heller-Ono PT, CDA, CPE Certified Management Consultant President/CEO 831-648-8724

The Return to Work Hierarchy

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on June 1, 2020

Up until a few months ago, 2020 was looking good! Many of us were at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid working on how we can maximize our careers, our businesses, our finances.

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Ergonomic Certificate vs. Certification- Understand the Differences

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on May 11, 2020

If you are contemplating learning how to perform ergonomics evaluations you might be asking yourself, “What is the difference between a Certificate vs. Certification in Ergonomics and are they necessary?”

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When Home Becomes Work-Comp

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on May 7, 2020

The way we work is changing rapidly. We are spending so much time with our technology, it's become like a family member... AKA Alexa! But what is all this exposure doing to our brains, our eyes and our bodies?

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Uncomfortable at Home? Consider a Standup Desk

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on April 29, 2020

As the pandemic continues, technology and service workers around the country continue to work at home.

The longer they work, they are discovering how uncomfortable the desk or table used for intermittent letter writing, meals, bill paying, or web-searching is inadequate for the eight to twelve hours of actual computer work.

They realize the inexpensive, big-box store, home office chair or worse, kitchen chair, is insufficient to support excessive, prolonged sitting.

A sore back and buttocks are driving the need to stand up! The quick fix pillow hack for support is getting old!

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Is It True Posture Makes Perfect?

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on April 23, 2020

Recently, I had the opportunity to record my first podcast with James Crow of Posture Stars. Not only was it a lot of fun, but I was able to answer some important questions about posture. As a physical therapist and ergonomist, posture has come to mean different things to me when I observe and assess employees in the workplace. Did you know there are many kinds of postures?

Listen in to my thoughts on posture, it's significance in our daily work life and a bit of thoughtful advice for listeners. 

James asked me the following questions: 

1. What is posture? 

2. What do you do to help people's posture? 

3. If you could give one simple piece of posture advice for our listeners right now, what would that be? 

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7 Ergonomics Certificates and Certifications and What They Really Mean

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on April 21, 2020

Ergo-Buyer Beware

“Caveat Emptor” or buyer beware fits well when employers are selecting ergonomics service providers. The phrase arises from the fact buyers often have less information about the services they are purchasing than the seller is indicating to them.

Buyers of ergonomics services don’t necessarily understand the science of ergonomics, how people should work safely with good ergonomics, and what makes a good ergonomics consultant. The differences in evaluator education, training, and experiences impacts the quality of service provided, the fees charged and ultimately the results the buyer or employer will achieve. These days, ergonomic credentials and certifications are like a bowl of alphabet soup!

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Work@Home Quick Fixes and Hacks

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on April 10, 2020

I've come to the conclusion, it's not so easy working from home. We just aren't used to being home 24/7. Maybe you found it to be kind of boring, too?  There are only so many times you can walk between the kitchen, living room, bathroom,  bedroom and back to the kitchen! 

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Home Office Survival Guide

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on March 24, 2020

Now more than ever we need a home office survival guide! Working from home is not easy. It may sound like a luxury to some, but now it is a reality for many of us. If you don't have a designated office space at home, it can be a challenge. Especially with kids running around, your spouse, the dog barking and numerous other distractions. 

Where ever you settle into, make sure you follow these simple do's and don'ts along with the five steps to setting up your workstation at home. While you are protecting yourself from contracting COVID19, you also want to avoid the common ailments associated with sitting at the computer all day. Back pain, neck tension, wrist and hand soreness can all occur at home just as easily as at work.

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Is Work from Home Our New Way of Working?

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on March 13, 2020

The New Normal, At Least For Now

It's hard to say how long the COVID-19 virus will continue to change how we do business and interact. With the shutdown of significant sporting events, university closures, lights out on Broadway, and even the closure of Disneyland, we all need to batten down, at least for now. The economy is so hard hit in just a few weeks; it's like it has the Coronavirus.

This global pandemic has made it certain government is vital in managing public health. What is unclear is why some countries have responded well, and others are in chaos. It comes down to leadership, preparedness, readiness, and a systems approach-all vital components of organizational ergonomics and human factors.

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Proactive Office Ergonomics: An Online Training Case Study

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on February 6, 2020

Businesses tend to be reactive when it comes to employee health and safety, mostly because they don’t budget for prevention. Employers typically wait to act until after a workers’ compensation claim occurs. By then, it is too late! Not only did the employer miss the early warning signs and an opportunity to prevent the injury, now the financial implications are real. In California, the average cost of a typical seated work injury is at least $40,000 per case, according to the California Division of Workers’ Compensation.

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