How to Review an Ergonomic Evaluation Report with Your Employee

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on August 15, 2018

How to Review an Ergonomic Evaluation Report with Your Employee

Everyone has a role and responsibilities when it comes to ergonomics in the workplace. To keep your process transparent, I’ve outlined my recommended procedure for supervisors and employees to follow when reviewing ergonomic evaluation reports. Supervisors should be familiar with ergonomic principles, attend Introduction to Office Ergonomics training, and understand company ergonomics process policies before reviewing the report with their employees.


  1. Supervisor: Upon receipt of the ergonomic evaluation, read it through. Note actions taken and recommendations by evaluator.
  2. Supervisor: Determine if budget is available to make recommended purchases. If not, find an alternative source, if feasible. Determine if other recommended actions are feasible and reasonable for your department and the employee.
  3. Supervisor: Set up a follow-up meeting with employee to review report within 3-5 days of report receipt (as soon as possible).
    1. At minimum, review recommended work practice changes to be performed by employee. Review recommended equipment and other actions needed.
    2. Assure employee understands purpose of new equipment and why it is recommended for use.
  4. Supervisor and Employee: Once employee and supervisor concur on plan of action, sign report together and provide a copy to employee for their records (as per your ergo policy).
    1. Verbally confirm employee understands their responsibility in using their equipment effectively.
    2. Be realistic with employee about what to expect next (time frame for implementation of facility, IT and purchasing actions).
  5. Supervisor: Contact Human Resources or Ergo Manager by email and/or phone; send scanned signed copy of report; HR or Ergo Manager to concur with plan of action. Discuss any conflicts or concerns regarding. Assure ancillary ergo team support know their implementation role:
    1. Facility Actions: responsible party.
    2. Purchasing Actions: responsible party.
    3. IT Actions: responsible party.
    4. Other matters
  6. Human Resources or Ergo Manager: Document in ergo process database receipt of signed report (by employee and supervisor/manager) and anticipated actions; purchases and pricing.
  7. Purchasing: Order recommended products. Additional actions may be required after product is received to assure proper installation. Install all items as recommended.
  8. Information Technology (IT): Place any work orders for Facility/IT actions.
  9. Supervisor: Ancillary team to notify of implementation. Follow-up with employee within 5 to 10 days to confirm receipt of all products and if they need additional help with new items. Confirm compliance with employee safe work practices. Confirm employee’s condition is better.
  10. Employee: If available, employee should complete a post evaluation (online) self-assessment.
  11. Supervisor: If more assistance is needed, set up a follow-up evaluation with evaluator or consultant to assure proper set up and use of equipment.
  12. Supervisor: If no further action is needed, encourage employee to perform safe work practices and use new equipment as instructed. May recommend participation in ergonomics training again. Notify HR of status of employee’s condition and satisfaction.
  13. Human Resources or Ergo Manager: Close case in ergonomics process database. Indicate all actions taken and update products provided as needed.

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