The 21st Century Tailor: The Ergonomist

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on June 19, 2015

“The 21st Century Tailor: The Ergonomist”

Anthropometry is the measurement of the size and proportions of the human body. Goodness of fit can be described as the closest match to perfect to yield best practices and maximum productivity. It is something we knew very little about until the birth of ergonomics and human factors in the modern world. Ergonomics has brought anthropometrics and the goodness of fit to light. Since the late 40’s, ergonomics and human factors have woven its way into the fabric of our society without much awareness, a silent partner often finding its way into the design of everyday life.

More likely by accident however, ergonomics becomes the focus. Ergonomic analysis identifies the root cause which often reveals the engineering error that failed to recognize the human factor prior to design. The pain felt by a worker in his or her hands and wrists, elbows, neck or back from repetitive tasks, forceful exertions or awkward postures will often drive the pursuit of a solution for a better fit. The chaotic flow of people and papers in a busy, renovated work place recently remodeled without consideration to the human occupants or the tasks performed is often in need of ergonomics to maximize fit, productivity and reduce stress.

It is the ergonomist that can resolve these issues; who can recognize the root cause and enhance the fit between the worker and machine, the tools and materials used, the tasks performed and the surrounding environment’s impact on the human. The 21st century tailor, fitting the task to the human with camera and tape measure in hand, sizing up the user for the best fit possible to yield maximum comfort and productivity. The ergonomist is prepared to recommend the best design to fit the workstation to the worker, the hand tool to the hand, fit the chair to the office worker and reduce the extra unnecessary motions in a tedious process.

The ergonomist could be touted as the efficiency expert helping organizations to maximize human potential while minimizing the expense of error, pain, lost time and lost thought due to distraction and poor workplace design. In today’s world, we need to maximize our fit and performance. To do so, look for the 21st century tailor, today’s ergonomist… fitting the task to the worker one good fit at a time.

Worksite International, Inc. has been utilizing the science of anthropometrics to help clients yield the benefits of a great fit. Whether its facility planning with ergonomics or providing expert chair fittings to assist employees with finding the right ergonomic chair or identifying if your chairs are fit for use or likely to fail, we can help.

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