The Future of Productivity: New Ways of Working for a New Year

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on January 17, 2017

“The Future of Productivity: New Ways of Working for a New Year”

We made it to 2017… of course! But what’s in store for us in the business world in the coming months? Just a few developments, predictions and trends come to mind:

1. A stock market over 20,000 reflects a financially healthy and highly productive marketplace … “what goes up, must come down”…let’s hope not!

2. Appointment of a new Labor of Secretary, Andy Puzder, who is the CEO of the parent company of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Will he relate to current Assistant Secretary of Labor David Michaels 2013 OSHA agenda?

the-future-of-productivity-new-ways-of-working-for-a new-year-original.jpgFigure 1. Bean bag chairs are the latest “sitting trends” at Google...forget about good ergonomics in these postures.. it’s more like nap time!

3. The “MOVE MORE Movement” continues to accelerate with more alternative standing solutions being implemented in the workplace. Employee are more aware of the impact of sitting on their health, and the need for more routine positional change, leaving them asking, “Where’s my stand up station!”

4. Watch for more unique ways to sit as part of the “active workplace” design movement… the bean bag chair is back!

5. Baby boomers will mentor millennials as productivity and work ethic of the baby boomer generation perfectly complements the millennial generation’s passion, enthusiasm and willingness to take risks. Yet the two groups couldn’t be any more different in work styles, preferences and practices making it a challenge for employers with opposing generations in the workplace.

6. Robotics and cobotics technology advances in complementing and assisting humans with workplace challenges such as exposure to repetition, material handling, and environmental exposures to enhance the abilities and capacities of the human workforce.

7. The use of biometric trackers in the workplace are becoming more prevalent. Is this motivational, a great RTW strategy or an invasion on our personal health data and none of our employer’s business?

8. Look for more work/life balance enhanced by workplace technology enabling older workers to stay connected to work from home and benefit from more flexible scheduling so they can enjoy life outside the office.

9. Organizations strive to balance the three P’s – people, profit, planet –Integrating safety and health into innovative and proactive organizational strategies to provide transformative opportunities to achieve a truly sustainable organization.

10. Increased traffic on our roadways; more congestion and longer drive times… but far more efficient cars enhanced with robust automated technology features to help us stay productive and safer even when driving!

What trends and movements do you see in your workplace for 2017? Leave your comments below.

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