Work@Home Quick Fixes and Hacks

Posted by Alison Heller-Ono on April 10, 2020

I've come to the conclusion, it's not so easy working from home. We just aren't used to being home 24/7. Maybe you found it to be kind of boring, too?  There are only so many times you can walk between the kitchen, living room, bathroom,  bedroom and back to the kitchen! 

Work at home can also be hectic and distracting, especially if there is more than just you at home. Many employees are at home with their spouse, kids, the dog and cat, juggling between home schooling and home working. For those of you in that situation, you are super-human!

Also, have you found it to not be so comfortable working at home? It's likely to be uncomfortable if you don't have a good ergonomic chair, a work surface at a comfortable height or a proper monitor to avoid eye strain. Many of you are on your laptop all day, too. This is a recipe for disaster. So, if you are finding your self feeling stiff, achy, sore, tight or tense, you're not only sitting too long, your not sitting correctly.

For now, you most likely will need to make do with what you have. So, I've created this Work@Home Quick Fixes and Hacks guide. These clever strategies can be used by you and your whole family. Plus, if you have your own hacks, put them below in the comment section and share. 




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